Review: Unimom Forte Double Electric Breast Pump

After 3 months of using this exclusively pumping while at work, I think I can finally share my thoughts on this topic with you, my dear readers.


All in all I am happy with my Unimom Forte. It has everything I need and has worked so hard for me. I need a hospital grade pump because I know I need to use it at least 3 times a day for 5 days per week and I need a hard core pump.

Let me share with you my thoughts on why I love it so much shall we?

First, it has less parts to clean. I saw some pumps and they have too many small parts. I am sure my yaya is bound to lose them one day. But with this pump, since it has only few parts and all are kinda straight forward, it is easier to clean.

Second, it does what it has to do. It pumps milk. Efficiently. And the suction strength is good. The suction is also adjustable so you’d know which setting is most appropriate for you.

Third, it is not painful at all. No pain. Really. No pain.

Fourth, it is cheap. Regular price is Php 6900 but I got mine on a Php 1000 off. Mura diba?!

Fifth, it is made for hard core pumping. The pump is made to last. And it is a closed system pump so you won’t worry about the molds and everything. Very hygienic.

I would strongly recommend this to all working, breastfeeding mums out there. But of course, like everything in this world, it has some quirks.

One is that it is kinda bulky. So if you plan to lug your pump around with you then this is not your pump. It weighs around 2kilos. Too heavy and bulky. Especially if you are commuting to and from work. Not worth the back pains. I leave mine at our lactation room because I use a manual pump at work. :)

Two, you need to plug it in to use it. No batteries.

So yeah. I guess the major issue of Unimom Forte is the portability. Which is not an issue for me actually so I am still a very happy user.

Happy breastfeeding mums! :) Enjoy the rest of the week.

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