Review: Farlin Manual Breast Pump


Since we are already on the topic of breast pumps, allow me to share with you my personal views on the breast pumps I currently have and used.

Earlier on my breastfeeding journey, I suffered from breast engorgement. Ang sakit nya promise! And Skye would usually have a hard time latching correctly. I mentioned it to my pedia and my OB, both of them suggested that I pump at least 0.5oz of milk before offering it to Skye. Just to relieve the engorgement.

Thing is, I’ve been planning to get myself an electric breast pump but being a WAIS mummy, I still wanna make sure that I know what I’m getting into. And during the first week of my breastfeeding journey, I swear there are loads of times that I feel like quitting. Ang sakit naman kasi. Ang sakit na nga ng tahi ko ang sakit pa ng dede ko. Not really happy.

But it’s true! There is something about breastfeeding that could calm you. Once the pain is gone. Usually naman kasi you’ll feel it lang on the first few seconds of latching. After nun parang masasanay na sya tapos mild pain nalang and then the calmness would happen. I can’t explain pero para syang yung feeling mo habang kumakain ng chocolates. Ibang level of happiness.

So there! Since I am still not sure on this whole breastfeeding thingy, The Companion and I decided that we’ll get a cheap manual breast pump first.

Some of the highly recommended brands by the Breastfeeding Pinays are Looney Tunes, Precious Moments and Farlin. So I went to Baby Company and checked them out.

Precious Moments is out of stock. Farlin is on sale. Farlin is a bit more expensive than the Looney Tunes one, mga around 100+ difference. So I opted for Farlin. Plus okay sa sales talk si Ate. I even got myself a Farlin Sterilizer. Which is recommended by my college classmate.

The Farlin Manual Breast Pump kit comes with a wide neck converter, perfect for directly pumping into my Avent Natural bottles. Plus it has some extra spare parts. The silicone ones 'coz yun daw ang mas madaling masira because of wear and tear and dahil most mummies tend to over-sterilize them.

I was so afraid at first to use it. Baka masayang ang Php600 ko kasi baka hindi sya gumana. But I was so wrong! My Farlin pump worked perfectly fine. Well, at first I am not that happy. It’s messy and I can’t pump properly. Yun pala I am not compatible with those silicone massagers. The moment I remove them, pumping is a breeze. My boobies fit perfectly. And besides, walang effect sa akin ang silicone massagers.

Another notable thing on the Farlin pump is that it’s easy to clean. Minimal spare parts. It is important that you clean your pump well. Make sure na bawat singit walang tirang milk. We don’t want the baby’s food to get dirty.

Plus it’s not painful on the boobs. Well, what I usually do is weak, fast pumps at first until my boobs get used to the pump and then do the strong, long pump for sucking. It works everytime!

I am a firm believer that you don’t need to get everything expensive. Of course you always get what you paid for but you must also think of how you plan to use it. My Farlin is my “home” pump. And I am getting the same output as my double electric pump. Saya! You just have to know how to properly use it I guess.

So there, here’s another WAIS moment for me. And this is probably one of my best buys as a mother. :) One happy cheap pump user here.

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