Just A Quick Good Morning

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hello! Hello! My dear readers. So sorry for being MIA. Remember that big project I was telling you about? That one I’ve been working on for the past months? Well, my entire pregnancy I guess, it’s on it’s final leg now. We are almost done. ALMOST – that’s the key word. So I’m busy making sure it all ends well.

And my weekends has been hectic. You can really feel that Christmas is on it’s way, though I had most of my Christmas shopping done. I did it quite early this time. And well, I don’t plan on buying too much anyway. I’m giving birth this March so I’m saving up as much as I can.

I’m already so excited to see the little peanut. Yay!

Alright, I’m keeping this post short. I gotta prepare because I need to accompany the sister to the doctor later then the companion and I are off to check out some baby-related event. I just really really miss you guys. Watch out for my “more decent posts” soon.

All my love.



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