Hello Third Trimester!

As per the phone app I am using and What to Expect Book, I am officially on the Third and Final Trimester of my pregnancy!! Woohoo!! A couple more months and I can finally see the little peanut. Our little bundle of joy. And I am so excited.

Though I I really wanna pull the months and the days till my full term, I have to admit  that I would really miss being pregnant. I would miss being everyone’s baby. Malamang kasi paglabas ni baby, bahala na ko sa buhay ko ulit. Mapuyat ka dyan, sumama loob mo – wala silang lahat paki! Hahahahaha! Everybody’s extra nice to me. Everybody’s asking for my well being. Ang saya pala nun! I’m the eldest in the family and I am so used to taking care of my siblings and my parents, so being taken cared of now is like whoah! Ang saya!

I would also miss being with my little peanut 24/7. Call me selfish but I feel extra special ‘coz I would always be the first one to feel her tiny movements. Ako lang ang nagigising sa madaling araw pag na-feel nyang maglaro, something that she’d been doing these past weeks. Ako lang nakakaalam if she likes a specific song or sound. I’d feel her hiccups and nobody would know it until I tell them. Above quote is so perfect. I mean, how wonderful is it to know that you are not alone? I am not alone. Running errands, bathroom breaks. Everywhere I go, I can feel my child within me. And that’s the best feeling ever.

Akala ko dati, after a couple of weeks na na-feel ko yung first kick nya, masasanay na ko. Yung parang, ay gumalaw sya ulit (what’s new?). Usually kasi people are like that diba? You wanted the latest android. One day you got it. You are so excited. Ayaw mo malaglag. Napuyat ka kaka-basa sa manual. But after 3 weeks, wala na. Kung malaglag man sya, keber! Hahahahahaha… Pero iba pala talaga yung saya na nadadala ng pagiging Ina. Every tiny flutters and every little kick brings so much joy into my heart. Parang yung every beautiful eyes ni BoiBoi. Ulit ulit, ilang taon na yun lang ang kaya nya pero ang saya saya padin everytime na ginagawa nya. Now, I must admit that most of the time, pag nagigising sya sa madlaing araw at maglilikot, I’d wake up and stay awake just feeling her tiny rolls and little kicks. Kahit minsan masakit na. Parang those pain are non-sense compared to the happiness she brings into my life. Compared to the thought that I have an active baby.

Tuwing magpapacheck up kami at sasabihin ni Doktora na ang likot-likot nya, parang ang saya saya ko. Her Tatay and I would talk to her and she’d respond with tiny little kicks. Sobrang saya kahit na ang nonsense naman ng usapan nila ng Tatay nya. Kasi naman, the Companion would ask things like - “What do you want for dinner? Kare-kare? Sinigang na hipon?”. And our little peanut would answer with lotsa kicks on both options!!! Hahahahaha! Perfect combination diba?

If you follow me on Twitter (not? Follow me @reigningstill now!) or Facebook, you’d know that I was on complete bed rest for 3 days. I had some signs of preterm labor, so when I went to my OB for an impromptu check up, I was ordered with complete bed rest right away. As in kinuha na nya ang medical certificate at sinulat na dun na bed rest ako till Saturday morning. I went back this morning and got a fit to work order but I was still advised to take it slow. I am still supposed to rest the entire weekend. Still no gala! But I am glad that my bed rest is over!!!

I never thought I’d ever do bed rest. My entire pregnancy is so much okay. But well, atleast this bed rest is just to make sure that I won’t have any problem. More on a precautionary measures. Pero Sy*t!!! Ang hirap!!! I feel so helpless. I am so scared that I’d do something that’ll make our situation worst so I’m taking extra extra care. I’ve been a good girl and really just rested. Initially I thought I could do blogging while bed rest pero di ko nagawa. Ang hirap pala mag blog ng naka higa. Ayoko naman umupo kasi baka mapressure ang aking tyan o bamaba si baby because of the pull of gravity. Hahahahaha! I know!!! OA much pero try nyo na kayo ang nasa situation ko kung hindi din kayo mag OA!!! Nakakaloka promise!

Sa sobrang bait ko nga, I went back after 3days and found out I lost almost 1kilo. Nagtaka si OB, kung kelan daw ako humilata lang tsaka pa ko nag-lose, eh ikaw ba naman kumain ng fruits and lumaklak ng madaming water and kumain ng vegetables (I even ate ampalaya!!!!) hindi ka ba naman pumayat? Healthy living talaga ang peg ko!! Nyahahahaha…

But seriously, I am so scared. Thank heavens I got Mila, my sister, my brother and the companion to accompany me. Every little movement meron akong alalay. Pero sobrang hirap talaga. So lesson learned, hindi na ko magpapaka-pagod!

This pregnancy has been one-hell of a ride! And I am glad that I am surrounded by people who truly loves me. The little peanut and I felt so much loved and blessed and I feel so grateful for that.


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  2. reigningstillDecember 17, 2013

    I am!!! Thanks Marie! :)


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