Pregnancy Update: Ribbons, Tutus and Dresses


Last Saturday, we were scheduled for my 2nd trimester ultrasound. My OB didn’t see the need for Congenital Anomaly Scan anymore so we just did the regular ultrasound.

The Companion and I are both so excited coz we’d finally know the gender of The Little Peanut.

So yeah! I’m having a little princess. :) Tutus and dresses and bags and ballerina shoes. Pinks and ribbons and barbie would dominate my life in the next years or so.

Actually, The Companion wanted a baby boy so my OB, sissy and I are teasing him like crazy. But don’t get me wrong. He prefers a son but he’s so happy we are having a daughter. Sissy on the other hand is beyond happy because she so wanted a little girl.

Did I tell you that I really liked my OB? She’s very honest and very practical. Being a first time mom, I am insisting on a monthly ultrasound pero ayaw nya. She keeps on reminding me that I need to save my money for something more important. And she says everything on my pregnancy is normal and she’s monitoring everything. Wag daw akong praning. Take it easy. And she’s very good in making me feel at ease.

Anyway, I was beyond happy upon seeing the little peanut. She’s sooooo likot!! Waving and kicking like crazy. Sissy’s soooooo happy and the companion recorded it for the lolas to see. :) Mila has been talking about our little princess non stop. How she’d paint the room pink and would buy a new bed for our little girl. She kept on telling every kapitbahay that her apo is so malikot on the ultrasound!

I’m so excited to see this little bundle of joy. Excited to meet her and hug her and shower her with loads of kisses. Her Tatay has been extra protective and was already thinking of the debut!!! And his rules on manliligaws. Hello?! Hahahahaha! While I’m already excited to wear terno Mommy-Daughter OOTDs. Nyahahahaha!

A child could really bring so much happiness in your heart. I am already overflowing with love and affection for this little one. And everybody around us has been very loving and excited. I feel so blessed to experience this. And I am praying for my and my baby’s good health.

After the excitement, we felt so tired and ended up having a very late lunch in Wai Ying! Ayun! Masaya sya as usual. We had hakaw, beef something, white chicken, beancurd roll and Wanton Mami. It was a feast.

So there you go, I need to end this post already coz I’m soooo sleepy. I woke up at around 5AM kanina because my princess is kicking and dancing inside. I don’t think she ever sleeps anyway.

I’m off to dreamland guys. Have a great week ahead.




  1. Can't wait for your future OOTDs!!!

  2. reigningstillNovember 25, 2013

    Yaaaay!!! :) Hahahahaha!

  3. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatulations!!! That is such exciting news!!!!! I'm sure she is going to be such a beautiful baby!

  4. reigningstillNovember 26, 2013

    Thank you so much Marie!!! :)


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