Friday, July 26, 2013

Okay. I won’t apologize anymore for the month-long blogging hiatus. I have a very valid reason which I’ll tell you guys soon. Promise!

Anyway, bottom line is I am in such a Tamad Mode lately. I swear! Not even writer's block. Just plain old tamad. Though I had a very busy July.

So allow me to make kwento this time… Just kwento and nothing more. #TamadMode Chismax lang muna my dears. Photos and more of my adventures soon.

Anyway, I already told you about my hectic July. Started it with a team building sesh in Laguna then a Laiya Beach Wedding. And I just spent 3 days in Mindanao – Camiguin, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro. It was a fun-filled trip. Full of adventures and misadventures. I am with a bunch of friends who’s always happy despite the misadventures. I swear! My Mindanao experience is really one for the books.

Also, I have this major project at work that’s keeping me busy and insane! I love challenges on my job but sometimes it’s kinda exhausting. Well, I am not complaining. Better busy than tunganga right?

That’s why I am so glad its already Friday. This week felt soooo long. I wasn;t able to rest after my Mindanao adventure kaya siguro I’m super tired. Lesson learned? I-extend ang VL ng 1 day for rest. Harhar!

OMG! Tinatamad na naman ako magsulat. Imagine??? Ako? Tinatamad magkwento? Eh kakambal ko si Maya Dela Rosa sa kadaldalan. Kalurks!!!

Alright. Off I go! And I hope I’d find the energy to write something soon. Nyahahahahaha! Bear with me please??



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