Review: Villa Del Mar Ivory Beach Resort (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)

I was tasked to look for a budget-friendly accommodation along Saud Beach Cove in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. After much googling, and review reading, and well, loads of inquiries, we have decided to stay at Villa Del Mar Ivory Beach Resort.

We are actually choosing between Apo Idon and Villa Del Mar. But their rate difference has been a major factor in our decision. Remember, I need to stick on our Php 4,000/pax budget.
I initially got their family room which is good for 8pax at a whopping Php 4,500/night. Come to think of it, it’s still a good deal since the resort is beach front and the room looks big and clean based on their now defunct website. Parang TV show lang! Hihihi…
But let me now tell you about our experience at the resort…

After a couple of inquiries, I made a reservation for the room that we want. We think it’s best to get a big room that can accommodate all 7 of us than get 2 small rooms good for 4pax. And so I settled the Php2,000 down payment since that’s the resort’s policy to confirm our reservation.

A day before we left for Batangas, I texted my contact from the resort about my reservation and received a confirmation. The following day, while still on the road on our way to Vigan, I again send a confirmation sms. I’m OC like that! Telling them that they have to expect us the following day. I made the confirmation while I still can because Sun Cellular has a poor signal in Ilocos. Kalurks! Waley signal!

We arrived late at night in Villa Del Mar. Around 7PM or 8PM if I’m not mistaken. But the moment I approached their front desk and mentioned my name and saw the reaction of their staff, I knew there’s a problem.

Apparently, they we’re trying to call me earlier that day to confirm my reservation and they can’t reach me. Coz hello! No signal right? And so they just gave our reserved room to another customer. Never mind that I did made a down payment of almost half the room rate. Never mind that I did confirm my reservation TWICE before our date of arrival.

I was really, really pissed! That woman has to thank Paolo coz I swear, I am on the verge of shouting!!! And effin’ tired!!!

They want us to get 2 rooms instead. But the thing is, the rooms are kinda far from each other. I mean, we went there as a group right? And it’s supposed to be our bonding moment. So hello?? That’s not acceptable!! And then they told us that we can get a beach front room good for 4 plus another non-beach front room for the same price as the big room (we got to save like a thousand or so) which again, is so far from each other so that is also not acceptable. So I was telling them it’s not an option at all. It’s not my fault if they can’t reach me. And the reason why I confirmed our reservation earlier is because I know I got a poor signal and I even mentioned it on my SMS.

Then that front desk person called the guy who’s currently occupying our supposed to be room and asked us to talk to him. Eh bitch si kuya! Nagtaas pa ng boses. That’s when I got super pissed. And even Paolo was getting pissed as well. Mali naman kasi na ipakausap mo sa amin yung isang customer nyo para kami ang magsabing palalayasin namin sila. Diba? And he’s right when he said that he won’t transfer because he already paid for the room earlier.

I was really angry by that time. Kahit andun si Paolo hindi ko na kinaya. And you know me! If I know I’m right, you won’t shush me easily. We we’re all tired from a day full tours and we all wanted a hot bath and warm bed! And we we’re all starving by then.

So when the manager offered us 2 rooms, 1 beach front and 1 non-beach front but is slightly near the other room, for only the amount we have deposited I just agreed. Coz I’m super tired already and I really really want a warm bath!!!

It’s good that the manager has the brain to actually offer us something that’ll at least compensate the hassle and the stress their resort caused us (ME!!). Php 2,000 for 2 rooms is not bad considering the other room is beach front.

The beach front room has 1 bed so they gave us extra bed free so the girls can stay there. They also gave us extra bed on the other room since it only has 2 single beds and there are 3 boys.

All in all, we still enjoyed our stay in Villa Del Mar. Except for that MAJOR issue, I still liked the resort. We had lunch there the next day and they serve good food. The rooms are clean and they provide clean towels as well. The beach front room would be perfect for couples. Nice view. Nice beach breeze. :)

For Php 2,000/night in a resort in Pagudpud? Pwede na kahit medyo haggard.


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Villa Del Mar Ivory Beach Resort
Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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