I’m Back!

Sorry for the long blogging hiatus  my dear readers. I am undergoing some stuff lately which I’ll tell you guys soon. (Pa-suspense pa!) So watch out for the #BigReveal! :)

Anyway, I had a very busy July. The first weekend of July was spent at Laguna for our teambuilding sesh. Our team haven’t been out of town for team building for quite some time now so we really enjoyed our bonding moment.

Then last week, I attended a secret wedding (disguised as an outing) in Laiya! It’s such a long drive but definitely worth it. I am happy that two of my friends got married and is now enjoying a happy life together. Plus it became an instant reunion of some sorts. The boys sure had fun!

And now I’m anticipating my CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon trip with my travel buddies. I won’t be able to do the white water rafting though but it’s okay. It’s Camiguin I’m so excited about anyway.

I’ll keep this one short for now. I just want you guys to relax and know that yes, I am still breathing.

I will surely update more soon. Pinky promise!

Have a great week ahead my dear readers. Throwing the warmest cyber-hug to each and everyone. :)



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