Review: MPOW HC5 Bluetooth Headset for Online School

Several months into distance learning and I think we are finally getting the hang of it.

Of course, it was not always easy and everyday I still find myself trying to find ways to make sure that my daughter, who is a first grader, is comfortable studying at home. That she finds online learning fun and easy.

Since I also work from home, and living in a small studio-type condominium - making sure that her classes and my work doesn’t clash is one important thing.

So for me, getting the MPOW HC5 Bluetooth Headset is definitely a good decision.

Using a headset was actually recommended by their school. And we all know that having a good audio equipment is important for the kids to be able to participate well on their classes.

While looking for a headset, I have the following requirements:

1. It should have noise cancelling or noise reduction feature as I don’t want her teachers to hear everything that is happening on our tiny home.

2. It should be comfortable. I used to let the #FabSkye wear my Samsung Galaxy Earbuds and she’s getting ear fatigue after 1-2hours. My daughter usually have a minimum of 3 hours online classes so a comfortable device is a must.

3. It should be affordable. I have already spent way too much money trying to make sure she is online class ready. From her desk to all her electronics - I really tried to get her everything she needs and got the best I could afford. So if I could get my hands on a cheaper device, I’m all in!

It took me several weeks of researching and checking our Shopee and Lazada. I watched several YouTube videos and really read all the comments and reviews.

After doing all the research, I finally settled with MPOW HC5 Bluetooth Headset and I couldn’t be happier!

MPOW ticked all my requirements and more!

Why we love it?

1. It can be connected via bluetooth. Initially, having bluetooth capability is just a nice-to-have for me because I know it is expensive. But now, I am so glad we got a bluetooth headset because my daughter could move freely while on class. She could dance, jump, write on her whiteboard and even play her piano without worrying about the wires. It’s just so so convenient!

2. It can also be connected via a 3.5mm jack. Alright, while connecting via bluetooth is still our favorite, I gotta admit that it always doesn’t work. I managed to forget to charge her headset waaaay too long one time so bluetooth doesn’t work but the 3.5mm jack connection saved us. So it’s really nice feature.

3. Noise reduction really works! Like not super Plantronics level of noise cancelling ah. But it really works in reducing the background noise.

4. It fits my daughter’s head like a glove. Since the headset is adjustable, it fits her tiny head perfectly.

5. It is so comfortable. The headband is padded so it doesn’t hurt her head. The earphones are also well-padded and breathable. My daughter could use it for 3 hours straight without feeling uncomfy.

6. It is chargeable. Not having to worry about constant battery replacement is a huge factor for me. I mean, it is so easy to charge it via micro-usb and we are good to go.

7. It take forever to go low-batt. MPOW promised a 22 hour talk time and boy! They are so real. Told you about that time I forgot to charge it? I think I didn’t charge it for a week before it finally died on me. My daughter also use it when she’s playing games or watching movies and I swear the battery life is just superb!

8. It is easy to connect. Just press and hold and voila! I have connected it my daughter’s laptop and her Tab and it easy to switch from one device to the other.  No problem connecting at all.

9. Connection is so good. No delay in audio. I also tried to use it just to make sure it is actually okay. I tried to connect it to my phone and watched YouTube videos and I never had once experience audio delay.

10. Most of all, it is affordable. With all it’s features, it only cost a little over a thousand pesos. Promise! I tried to search and search for several weeks and this one is the most bang for the buck!

So far, this device is looking great. My daughter has been using it everyday for almost 4 months now and the device still looks good as new. The leather parts are still in pristine condition and we never had a problem with it.

We did an unboxing and initial impression video.


  1. hi sis. Is this compatible with Google Meet on Windows 10 laptop?

    1. Yes. My daughter use this on laptop and tablet.

  2. Hello! May I know which shop you bought it from? :)

  3. May I know the site where you purchased the headset?


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