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Grabe! 2020 really changed our lives.

I even read an article online about how 2020 would be the death of working mumshies. Which is so so so true! I know I kept on saying that I am tired and all. Being a mum, having a full-time job, being a blogger, and all the crazy hats I have to wear everyday. But boy! This work from home thingy, it's not easy! Add the distance learning setup to the mix, and it's just too much.

I have close to zero sleep, I have way too much things on my to do list, and I am super stressed every single day. Every. Single. Damn. Day.

I used to love going to the office because I find it as my escape. Sue me! But it's true. I mean, at work I could sip my coffee in peace. Have long lunch with my friends. Or be the girl boss I wish to be.

Yep, my job could be busy and demanding. But at least I have an excuse to dress up and wear my make up.

Now, here at home there's just too much. In between meetings I have to attend to my daughter and be a tech support for her online classes. My lunch breaks are hurried because I have to prep our food and assist my daughter on her worksheets. I also have to take breastfeeding breaks for my bunso.

Crazy life talaga!

So simple things that makes my life easy, I grab it! I got myself a vacuum cleaner, an air fryer, and lots of little trinkets for my desk and work area.

I also always wear something comfy. I actually have a uniform now! My favorite Soft Camisole from Wacoal. Like, promise! I wear them every single day.

Perfect because this one has support and pads already. So this is all I need everyday.

Did you know that not wearing bras all the time could actually affect the shape of your boobies? Well, I learned that when I attended the virtual talk of the fashionista sisters V <3 V last month for Wacoal.

I make sure to wear something that supports my boobies because I breastfeed. Not wearing one would usually mean leaky boobs and just plain ouchy boobsies. But after learning that not being bra-free all the time means saggy boobs as well, I shopped for more uniforms!

I had a grand time shopping for camisoles! And the comfort fit line is just perfect! I swear! I am in my wacoals all day every day. 

I mean, one less thing to worry and one more thing to get excited about, right? These crazy times, those little things really matter. And while we are all cooped up inside our homes, I wanna stay comfy and fashionable and pretty. Agree?

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