My daughter’s 1st day of distance learning class...

On the last week of August, my daughter - a grade one student started her distance learning class. Their school implemented a blended approach in learning this year where they have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous classes.

Synchronous classes are virtual classes via Google Meet. They usually have 3 synchronous classes per day which is equivalent to around 3 hours of virtual class. The rest are asynchronous classes where they have modules, powerpoint presentations and videos uploaded on their online class platform. The asynchronous class schedules is also when they get to answer the worksheets provided by their teachers.

Here, I vlogged about our 1st day (and a little bit of the 2nd day) of my daughter’s distance learning class. And I must say, it is NOT EASY! Mind you!

Probably on my next b/vlogs, I’ll share my struggles and probably share some tips as well!!

But for now, enjoy watching our video! And while you are at it, please subscribe to our channel!!!

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