School Options In Times of COVID: Homeschooling

Alright, let’s now talk about homeschooling.

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This option became a buzz word on social media the minute DepEd announced that school would start on August. Understandably, most parents are scared. We see the number of cases rising everyday. We know people getting sick, hospitalized or worst, dying from this virus. This is not a joke. And we are not sending our children out.

Parents are seriously considering HOMESCHOOLING. First, because they thought it’s cheap or some thought it’s basically free. And of course, it is safer to keep our children inside our house.

But Homeschooling is not easy. I’ve mentioned it already on this blog how I attempted to homeschool the #FabSkye. I was seriously considering to homeschool her until grade 6 and just move her to a Science High School eventually so she could transition easily to university life.

See? I had it all figured out. I am actually blessed because that time, I am surrounded by homeschooling parents. The best homeschooling parents who really understand what homeschooling is all about. I was guided properly. I was informed. But I still failed miserably.

That’s when I realize that teaching is actually a Vocation. Hindi sya madali. I found myself struggling. I know that I have an intelligent child, I am smart myself, I have the best people who guide me, I have all the tools needed but we are still struggling. 

So honestly, homeschooling was never an option for me now. I want to keep my good relationship with my daughter. So no.

But for those of you who is seriously considering this route, here are some important factors you have to understand before jumping into the crazy world of homeschooling.

Distance Learning is different from Homeschooling

Yes. Distance learning is very different from Homeschooling. With distance learning, the education of your child is the responsibility of the school s/he is enrolled. She’ll have teachers. The teachers would do the lesson plan, the quizzes, everything. But your child would do it remotely. Either online or worksheets that needs to be submitted at a certain time, or video lessons or a combination of them.

With homeschooling, you are responsible for your child’s education. You will decide the pace of your lessons. You will do the lesson plan, the quizzes. You will have to look for additional resources if needed. Basically, it’s gonna be your call.

Homeschooling is not FREE

It might be cheaper from traditional school but it is definitely not free.

If you are new to this whole homeschooling journey, it is advisable to seek the help of homeschool providers. And of course, they have fees as well. My favorite homeschooler blog I follow wrote about the list of DepEd accredited homeschool providers and their corresponding fees so go check it out.

You also have to buy books, learning materials. You have to make sure that you prepare a homeschool friendly environment for your children and furniture and gadgets don’t come cheap.

A lot has to be considered when you go this route and there are a lot of other things to think about aside from having your children answer worksheets.

Going Independent vs Getting a Provider

As I’ve mentioned, enrolling your children on a homeschooling provider would be of great help to both the parents and the children.

These providers could help you with the needed curriculum for your child’s level. They are also responsible to help you with all the paper works needed to make sure that all your hard work won’t go in vain. DepEd is kinda strict with these things. 

I’m not saying these providers are required though. Of course, you could always go independent. But going independent requires more work and you really have to know what you are getting into. 

My friend, May of Fully Housewifed blog, wrote about her decision to fully go independent and helped us answer if we should independently homeschool our children too. She wrote an in depth detail about it so I highly recommend you read it.

But before you get a provider, I heard that DepEd is also offering home schooling options. You might want to check that out first since it'll be probably free.

In conclusion, there are more stuff to do when you go to the homeschooling route. You really have to fully understand it.

You may start with this Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling post by The Filipino Homeschooler blog to learn more about homeschooling.

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