Congratulations to the #FabSkye

Today, my #FabSkye has officially moved from Kindergarden to Grade 1!

She was so happy while watching the “Graduation Video” lovingly prepared by her teachers. Of course, we watched it together and was cheering on her when her name and picture flashed the screen.

I’m grateful that I have a child with the kindest heart in the world. I know that she has been looking forward to her moving up day because she is so excited to show me her medal. Even before the school starts last year, she already said that the HIGH HONORS medal is in the bag. Kind na confident pa. But because of our situation, and all these new normal, we ended up watching her gratduation video on our smart tv while on our pajamas. It honestly broke my heart.

Although nothing could stop me from being the proudest mum in the whole wide world. More than the HIGH HONORS, it’s the EXCELLENCE in LEADERSHIP, COURAGE and RESPECT that I soooo proud of. Those are the three things I try to instill to my children. And of course, KINDNESS. The fact that her teachers recognize that makes my mumma heart happy.

Of course, I won’t deny that her Excellence in Performance and Music excites me. She was supposed to have a solo performance on their school Music Recital last April. I cleared my schedule for that and she has been practicing since February. But well, her performance and all school activities got cancelled. Again, it broke my heart because we have been practicing at home too. And her Tatay has been the best stage father.

Pero alam nyo, napaka swerte ko talaga sa anak ko. Iba sya. Her kind heart is just wonderful. She would always remind me that despite all of this craziness, we could all be happy. 

You all know we had a terrible year last year. She suffered from new sibling anxiety, she got hospitalized last December, she was always sick and I can’t even teach her. She has been doing all her assignments alone. But she managed to snag that High Honors. Her grades are all her. Sabi ko nga, wala ako talaga ambag dyan. Tuition lang siguro tska genes. But all the hardwork, it’s all her and her wonderful teachers.


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