Cheap Ways To Spend Your Christmas Vacation

It's almost Christmas! I could already feel the so-called Christmas rush. Too bad I'm on bed rest though (I am on bed rest a lot of times since this pregnancy) and can't really join the Christmas shopping fun/crazy.

But I know that aside from buying gifts and new clothes to our kids, one major dilemma of most mums like me is what to do during the long Christmas vacation. Keeping our kids busy is kinda difficult especially if you are like us who's currently trying to save as much as possible because I'm pregnant and duh! CS operation ain't cheap.

So I am here to share with you some tips on cheap ways to spend your Christmas vacation.

Free Christmas Shows

There are loads of free Christmas shows around the metro. As in no entrance fee. While most of them is packed with people the entire time, they are really nice and so worth it.

Ayala Triangle Light Show is open everyday from 6PM-10PM until the 1st week of January.

We've been to Ayala Triangle Light Show already. This year's theme is Disney so extra fun for the #FabSkye who can't help but sing on every Disney song. Just make sure you try to go early. You could also go a bit more earlier (like in the afternoon) before the first show at 6PM and bring some snacks and have a picnic. You could even bring your child's scooter or bike and let them play at the park. Cap off your night with the light show and I'm sure your kid's would be very very happy.

Nuvali Magical Field of Lights is another good option if you live in the South. We've been there and it's really really good. Again, go early because the lines are very loooooong! We're just given priority because I'm pregnant but if not, I don't think we would make it. There's a paid fast lane (costs 50Php each) with bottled water and an access to the bleachers (so you could seat) but the lines on "fast lane" are also long so really try to go early. Their show also starts around 6PM.

Meralco Liwanag Park is another nice place to go. Also open from 6-10PM on weekdays and 6-11PM on weekend. We haven't been there because it's not accessible to us and we dread the traffic but I would love to bring the #FabSkye there.

There are other free shows around the metro, I'm sure. Just google them and find the closest to your place.

Open Park

Another nice place to go are open parks like Ayala Triangle Gardens, Dela Rosa Park, BGC High Street, and Blue Bay Walk in Pasay. We love going to parks with the #FabSkye's scooter and our dog Emmo. The #ReigningTatay would blow some bubbles and they'd just run and run and run. Just bring your own food for less gastos. If you want naman, you could dine there also. At least dinner nalang ginastos nyo. There are cheaper options there like Bonchon.

Netflix or Movie/Series Marathon at Home

Eto super tipid, just Netflix and chill at home. Grab some pop corns or chips and watch movies as a family. We watch Netflix usually and their wide array of Disney movies and Netflix originals using our beloved 32 inches FUKUDA LED TV.

Sometimes we also subscribe to ABS CBN Star Cinema movies since we do have Sky Cable at home. You could also watch downloaded movies/series via USB. Super tipid sya. And I'm sure that your kids would love it.

Actually, it's our Fukuda TV who's saving us from boredom these days.

Paint or Art Time at Home

This is another nice activity we do at home. I'd usually print colouring pages so the #FabSkye and I could color/paint on them. We'd do a contest on whoever could "paint" the best. The winner would be the one in charge of choosing the movie we'll watch after painting.

Or we'd make stuff out of her play-doh and pretend play. This would also ensure that her gadget time is limited and that we were able to do real play.

For those working mums like me, just make sure nalang that the yaya of your kids would make them do those fun, artisitic stuff for atleast 30 minutes per day. Although based on experience, the #FabSkye could keep on painting for hours! Kaya I would print so many colouring pages for her to paint on.

As I've said, I'm on bed rest so going to the mall is a no-no. Thank heavens we have Fukuda TV at home to keep me and #FabSkye sane. Natapos na ata namin lahat ng Disney movies sa Netflix eh. Now I'm also watching Game of Thrones because I have HBOGo as well. But of course, I only watch it pag wala ang #FabSkye.

This Christmas, we plan to keep it low key. We'd probably just go to a play house on Christmas day and watch MMFF. For kids naman, super dali lang nila pasayahin. Honestly, as long as you spend time with them masaya na sila. That's what I noticed. Now nga that I can't go out, masaya na ang #FabSkye that we are at home watching movies or doing fun art sessions or just cuddling in bed. We're laughing all day na talaga. Dati we would always go to the mall on weekends because I thought kawawa naman my baby dahil on weekdays we always work. So bumabawi kami. Now that I had to stay in bed, I noticed na my daughter also appreciates our time at home or simple time at the park. Okay na sya playing with her friends.

Kayo mga mumsh? Do you have any other suggestions kung ano pwede gawin this Christmas Vacation na di masyadong mahalia fuentes?

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  1. Love this! Free is always the best! :)

  2. Free Christmas shows, Netflix, and MMFF movies! Yan ang bonding namin pag CHristmas season. Never pa kami nagspend ng Christmas sa ibang lugar maliban sa bahay kasama ang buong pamilya. Pag nakaluwag-luwag gusto ko rin magcelebrate sa hotel or sa ibang bansa, pero yun nga, mas masaya pa rin pag magkakasama kayo ng pamilya sa mga ganyang okasyon. :)

    P.S. Merry Christmas, sis and to your growing family, too! :)

    1. Merry Christmas din sayo and sa family mo sis! :)

      Agree ako na mas masaya pag kasama ang buong pamilya every Christmas. We might consider vacation during Christmas season pero sa mismong pasko, uwi padin dito. Hehehe


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