Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester


Currently on my 2nd trimester. It is a little bit easier coz I could finally eat without throwing my entire stomach.

But a couple of weeks ago, I experienced bleeding. Medyo nangarag ako because it never happened to me while pregnant with the #FabSkye. Went straight to my OB to have everything checked and they found out that I'm having premature contractions kaya na-bed rest ang lola mo. It was too early on the pregnancy so we had to take extra precaution. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks. Good thing I could still work from home.

Went back to my OB pero may slight contractions pa din so we had to continue my medications and I still had to keep it easy. My OB kept on reminding me to rest, rest and rest. And that's what I did, still doing actually. So sorry mga mumsh for the lack of posts. We had to take everything slow.

Plus a week ago, I manage to catch a cold. If you are pregnant or has experienced pregnancy, alam nyo how difficult it is to catch cold while preggy. Lalo na if you have to sneeze. Ang sakit diba? Nakakatakot pa because I'm contracting nga.

Super thankful ako that we have our favorite Euky Bearub. This chest rub works wonders in clearing my stuffy nose. I would rub some on my chest and back for a good night's sleep.


I'm hosting a giveaway on IG for y'all. Sali na kayo. I plan to raffle off the winner on Tuesday. 

Aside from those crazy, everything is perfect. Ze bebe is healthy and has been kicking and tumbling almost non-stop in my tummy. Super likot this little fella.

Our little Ate is very supportive and excited. Everyday she'd kiss her baby brother and would talk to him. She would assist me when I try to get up, she would help me in every little way possible. Napaka-responsible nya talaga. When I was on bed rest, she would feed me. Remind me to take my meds. Get water for me. Massage my back. She would even "set the table" kasi we had to eat in our room, sa sahig because I can't go down nga.

I was initially scared about having another baby coz I'm not sure how the #FabSkye will take the news. She's our baby and has always been the center of our universe. But I guess mas kilala talaga tayo ni Lord and mas alam nya what's good for us because it turns out, our little girl is more than excited to be an ate. She's super ready and has made us even more proud.

Now I'm so excited to raise our 2 kids. I pray that they'd turn out to be super close and very loving to each other.


  1. Evelyn Natividad Galang-AgcaoiOctober 10, 2018

    Sa ER ba ng San Lazaro, are they accepting dog bite anytime?

  2. Yes po. ERs should be open 24/7. ER would accept dog bite as long as it's category 3 bite as stated on the blog post. For details about category 3 bite, please read nalang po sa taas. :)

  3. Awwww, sobrang nakakaproud naman si FabSkye, prearing to be an ate na sya. Take care always, sis! :)

  4. Kaya nga sis eh. Everyday, she amaze me. Super proud ako talaga. And she's really excited to be an ate. Nakakatuwa.


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