Them Nasty Colds and Euky Bearub

Rainy days are officially here. We've been experiencing torrential rains for about a week now. And yes, if you know me very well, I'm sick once again. Story. Of. My. Life.

I catched them nasty colds a couple of days back. Sakit sa ulo. I don't know why I'm like this. Always sick. Magpalit lang ng panahon, may sakit agad. That's why I am really making an extra effort to boost the #FabSkye's immunity. Kasi ayoko syang magmana sa akin.

I really hate it pag may sipon, specially yung pasimula palang. Alam nyo yun? Super sakit sa ulo and I really can't concentrate. I hate it.

Kaya I'm super happy with my latest discovery - Euky Bearub!

Euky Bearub

I actually received this tube of chest rub last month but it's only now that I got to try it. At least 1 month akong walang sakit! Hihihi..

Anyway, since sakitin nga ako, I'm not the type of mum who would give medicines right away. Coz if I do that, I'd be immune to all types of medicines by now. Baka adik na din ako. Ayaw ni PDu30 nyan. Hehehe!

Even with the #FabSkye I'm like that. I won't give her meds right away. I'd do my trusted first aids and then if that didn't work, tska palang susugod sa doctor. Pero pag may ibang symptoms like weakness and super high fever, of course, no questions asked, ER agad kami.

For low-grade fever, I would usually give her lots of fluids (breastfeed more often) and a sponge bath. Cold sponge bath if her hands and feet are hot, and warm sponge bath if her hands and feet are cold and clammy. Then I'll towel her dry and make sure that she's comfy.

For stuffy/runny nose, cough and headache, my first aid is always a vaporub. Followed by a warm cup of lemon juice with honey (only safe for babies 1yr and up). It always work. Just rub a small amount of vaporub on your child's back and chest, then rub some on the soles of her feet then put on a sock. I would usually give her a gentle massage on her back too. Sarap tulog ng bagets.

Even us parents, ganyan din ang first aid namin.

Last Wednesday, nung di ko na kaya yung sakit ng ulo ko dahil sa sipon, I got the Euky Bearub and had the ReigningTatay massage my back. He also rub some on my chest and feet. Soooobrang sarap and super ginhawa. And it's not greasy too. So yey!

The best thing about Euky Bearub is that it only has 5 active ingredients (Eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, menthol, camphor, and rosemary oil). It's an all-natural eucalyptus rub and an award-winning product from Australia. It has been around for 40years so it's a trusted product, definitely. And we all know that when it comes to our families, it should always be top-notch.

Actually, we are using a different vaporub before. That one is recommended for babies 6months and up. And is very gentle. My only problem is, it's too gentle. For babies lang talaga sya. So I guess we have to upgrade na.

Euky Bearub is recommended for kids aged 2+ and for adults. The reason why I also use the #FabSkye's old vaporub is because I'm still breastfeeding. So I only use safe products kahit medyo di effective for me. Good thing that Euky Bearub is safe to use on pregnant and lactating women. So yey!


  • Clears stuffy nose
  • Soothes throat
  • Eases cough
  • Relieves muscular pain and aches
  • Can be used as soothing balm for minor insect bites
  • Can be used as inhalant for steam theraphy
Yes, I use the vaporub on the #FabSkye's insect bites to relieve itchiness and it always works. I really love discovering products like these that not only help us mother our children, it also helps our kids feel a whole lot better.

Aminin nyo naman kasi na iba padin ang alagang ina.

Euky Bearub retails around 400php and you can buy it online thru BabyMama, BabiestoToddlers, and Cudsly OR at Rustan's, Mothercare, Hobbes and Landes, Mamaway, and many more. To view the complete list of stores, just visit Euky Bear Philippines website here.

And because I love you my dear readers, I'm hosting a giveaway!!! I'm giving away 2 tubes of Euky Bearub to 2 lucky winners. Just follow the mechanics below:

  1. Like Euky Bear FB page here.
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  3. Comment on my picture of Euky Bearub to indicate that you joined.
  4. Will announce the winners on Friday!!!
That easy!

To know more about Euky Bear products you may visit:

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