What I Learned About Baby Skin Care at #7DaysofCetaphil

Dra. Donna Marie Leelin-Sarrosa, MD and Kaye Abad
Last Friday, I was able to catch Day 5 of the #7DaysofCetaphil event at SM Makati. And for Day 5, they talked about something really really important for me as a mum - how to take care of our darling little one's skin.


You see, the #FabSkye has skin asthma. I was able to successfully keep her asthma free but we we're not able to shoo it away completely because before she turned 1 year old, I noticed flaky patches on the back of her knee which would eventually turn into wound because she won't stop scratching.

It was a horrible, horrible time for us. She's less than a year old and can't help but scratch. Her nice beautiful baby skin is turning into a yucky, flaky skin. And most of all, girl talaga sya eh! Ayoko naman tuksuhin ang anak ko na may barya sya sa binti.

We went from pedia to derma to pedia derma. We've tried a lot of stuff. Good thing that we're able to find a really good pedia derma who works hand in hand with our pediatrician. Until now, we're still very careful on how we care for the #FabSkye's skin. We have to make sure that her flare ups won't start. 

So listening to the talk by expert dermatologist Dra. Sarrosa and new mum Kaye Abad, is a confirmation that we are indeed doing the right thing.


One of the products that really helped us is Cetaphil. Wala pang Cetaphil Baby that time so we used the moisturizer in a tub as recommended by the pedia derma. So I'm now very happy that Cetaphil has a baby line that is specially formulated for our baby's sensitive skin.

I'm sharing all of the things I learned during the talk so could take care of your baby's skin properly and well:

1. Choose a soap-free skin cleanser with right PH level. I thought that as long as it's soapy and smells great, it'll be okay for the baby. Mali pala mumsh! I think this is one of the reasons why my daughter's flare ups started. I used a soapy product kasi nagsisimula na sya nun pagpawisan because malikot so gusto ko sana bumango. Maling mali! Our baby's sensitive skin should only use cleansers with the same PH as her skin so the skin won't shed the natural barriers and protection.

2. Scent-free and tear-free is the way to be. If a product has strong smell, avoid it. Usually, they put chemicals so it'll smell really good. So either go for something without scent or go for those super gentle baby scent. If a product is tear-free, it is also most probably on the right PH so it's good.

3. It is important to moisturize your baby's skin, even newborns. This is one major mistake I did. I was thinking that since my baby's skin is perfect and not dry, I didn't mind using moisturizers or lotions on her. Ayun! Nag-flare up ang skin asthma kasi nagda-dry na pala ng di ko napapansin. Even on newborns, pwedeng gamitin ang Cetaphil lotion.

4. Hydrate your children. Of course, it is very important to keep them hydrated. If they are 6 months and below, breastfeed on demand. If they are 6months and above and is already eating solids, make sure they drink enough water. Toddlers like my daughter tend to forget drinking water, so remind them. I also ditched giving my daughter fruit juices as baon and just fill her drinking bottle with water. Tipid na, healthy pa!


Aminin natin na ang hirap maging nanay. Wala naman kasi silang manual and every child is different. But one thing remains the same, our baby's skin is sensitive and it needs a gentle product to help us take care of it.

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