Preggy Nanay Problems

Sorry mga mumsh if puro "problems" or "woes" ang mga preggy-related posts ko. Hahahahaha!

Don't get me wrong, we are over the moon happy with this new bundle of joy but we have to keep it real mga mumshies diba? We all know that creating a human being is no walk in the park. I did it 5 years ago when I'm 29. So much younger, much stronger and without a 4 year old pre-school in tow. Life then is so much easier.

Now that I'm doing it again at 34, with much more difficult work load and a 4 year pre-schooler that I need to drive around and make bento baons and answer worksheets and assignments and attend school events and PTC and everything - nakakawala ng ulirat I swear! This blog is actually taking a backseat. Kawawa this blog because I can't even update regularly. 

The husband also serves as my punching bag. Tinatanggap nalang nya all my sigaw, my tantrums and everything. Sometimes we clash but I can totally see and feel that he's trying to be patient with me.

As a woman with major Type-A personality, I really find it difficult to accept the fact that I can't do everything I need to do with flying colors. Because I'm just too tired now and too sleepy and my body is always sore.

Kaya I really try to get as much help as possible. And I'm trying really hard to remind myself that I am human and I don't have to do everything all the time.

Kaya when I saw this McDo commercial, tawang tawa ako!

Relate na relate ako mga mumsh. Ilang beses na din sinalba ng McDelivery ang gutom namin mag-asawa at higit sa lahat, our sanity!

Now, if the #FabSkye and the #ReigningTatay is hungry - I tap, they deliver nalang ang peg ko. I don't feel guilty about not doing the grocery right away or preparing something for my mag-ama. I also do not force the #ReigningTatay to cook all the time now. Pagod na din kasi sya with work and helping me with the #FabSkye. I don't want naman na sya ang ngaragin all the time. Buti nalang talaga, ordering food now is so much easier. Sa phone lang, pwedeng pwede ka na maka-order at mabuhay.

I also tap the help of my brother in picking up the our little girl from school. Dati, I would do all of those myself. Ngayon, ay naku pinapasundo ko nalang ang bagets. Isa lang ang katawan ko. Wag tayong ano.

This is one of the reasons why I was initially hesitant in having another child. I was so afraid that I won't be able to handle taking care of my daughter and the new baby. But I guess kelangan lang talaga is to be wiser with everything. Delegate tasks. Use technology to help you. And McDelivery ano?

Oh well. I will try to blog as much as possible. Ang ganda ng Malaysia-Singapore trip namin! I wanna share them with you real soon!

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