Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester Woes

Hello, guys! Yep! Time for Pregnancy update. :) I honestly can't believe that I'm doing it again. I thought I'm done. Anyway, I only want a child. And I've been telling friends and family that one child is more than enough for me.

But then again, God blessed us once more with another bundle of joy and I can't be happier. The #FabSkye is over-the-moon happy. The #ReigningTatay has been nothing but supportive and protective and just very hands on. Our little family is very happy and excited.

But of course, since I'm not getting any younger, m y pregnancy this time around is doubly hard for me. 

Morning sickness is just crazy! I vomit everything. I vomit when hungry. I vomit when full. I vomit all the freakin' time. I also get dizzy very easily. Just plain crazy.

Most of the time, I'm finding it hard to sleep already. And I'm thinking that things will get more difficult as my tummy gets bigger and bigger. I am very used to hugging the #FabSkye at night but now I just need to be comfy. I think I need a maternity pillow like this one I found on Wikibuy - this awesome site I found that shares coupon codes and compares prices across the web for awesome items like this one.

Imagine how comfy it is. I am asking the #ReigningTatay to get me one because honestly, this mumma needs it!!!

Also, I'm stocking up on small snacks on our bedside table as it helps with the vomiting. I need to have small frequent meals so I could avoid vomiting. Just eat a little, but more often and it'll surely help with the morning sickness.

One more major issue I have is travelling to work. I could still drive but I find it uncomfortable already. Specially longer drives. So Makati traffic is just unbearable for me. I usually commute in the morning and the #ReigningTatay would pick me up in the evening. But honestly, travelling to and from work is just crazy. I wish I could apparate like Harry Potter, if you know what I mean.

But yeah! Despite all that, we are so so so excited!

Please continue praying for me, this baby and our little family. Till the next update!


  1. I heard saltines are good daw in keeping nausea down. Even ginger or peppermint tea. Hello skyflakes and salabat 😊

    1. Yown! Salabat! Sana tanggapin ng tyan ko.

  2. Wow! Congrats sis! Soooo happy for you! Sabi ko na nga ba, iisa ka pa! Hihihi ako din sana,soon! :)

    1. Kaya nga eh. Na bless ng isa pa! Super saya. :)

  3. Excited ako! Morning sickness will come to pass, hopefully soon. We will pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery.


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