What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I remember shouting "I wanna be a doctor when I grow up!" every time I'm asked that question. My relatives would flash a big smile and tell me "O sige aral ka mabuti ah!".

But in my 4th grade, when I would still keep on telling everyone that I'll be a doctor someday, my mum crushed my dream by saying "Ang mahal mag doktor anak! Tapos 10 years ka pa kelangan mag aral."

Don't get me wrong. Si Mila kasi, she's an honest mum. That's probably why I grew up like this. We know what is happening in the family. Pag wala kaming pera, alam namin. My mum would tell us, "walang pera, hindi namin kaya yan". Although like every other good parents, my mama and papa did everything in their power to raise us well and give us proper education naman. I won't be where I am today if not because of them.

But truth still remains that we are a poor family, nakaka-sad lang how being poor became one of the reasons why I did not become a doctor. That, and then probably my fear of blood and anything bloody. But you get what I mean! Hahaha!

Anyway, bakit ba ako senti now? Kasi mga mumsh, I've been researching about schools and everything and I swear!! Nag iisip na ako kung anong magandang ibenta, liver or kidney! Ang mahal mapaaral!! Eto ah, I'm earning well already and the husband is working also but for me, I still find education super expensive. What more if we're not earning that much like a regular Filipino family. Kaya pala si Mila, maaga palang dinurog na ang pangarap ko because she knew they can't send me to med school. Eto nga lang 5 years na engineering naloka pa sya. Syempre nga naman, ang budget nya pang 4 year course lang! Eh nag extend ako ng 1 year so na delay ng 1 year ang pagtulong ko sa kanila at na-extend ng 1 year ang pa-baon, pa-project and everything. Buti nalang scholar ako nung college so no worries na sa tuition. Kasi feeling ko kung bayad tuition pa, iiyak na talaga sya.

So eto na nga, I saw that on my facebook timeline kasi yesterday and it was dated November 2016 pa! Almost  2 years already. So I was wondering what happened to this and I really wanna help promote this!

I remember my crushed dreams of being a doctor. And then I also learned that we are running out of doctors already. Yung iba pang doctor nagpapaka-nurse sa ibang bansa. Nakaka-sad because Filipinos are really super smart. We can be whoever we want to be. But it's always poverty who keeps us from reaching our dreams! So I'm really happy with this Medical Scholarship Bill by Sen. Angara! Support natin mga mumsh please!!!!

Click on that photo and let's share Senator Angara's post huh. Let's use social media to let our voices be heard. Our children need this! Yes, our! Kahit sabihin mo na right now you have the capability to send your children to med school, aba you are not sure of tomorrow! Maganda ng may ganitong batas para sure na sure tayo na if ever our kids wants to be a doctor, we won't crush their dreams of becoming one. Plus, we could at least help the country by making sure we have enough doctors for everyone.

Grabe talaga si Sen. Angara. I really like this man! I remember supporting him several years ago for his #TaxReformNow campaign that aims to lower our income tax. Ang tagal na kasi talagang pinapasan ng middle class ang bigat ng pagbabayad ng income tax. Nakakaloka! Now we are enjoying that lower income tax so may silbi ang pagpopost ko ng ganito noon!

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I remember that he is also responsible for that law that adjusts the tax exemption for 13th month and other bonuses to 82K. Yung nag take effect 2015 ata! Grabe kasi talaga, every year, we would see our bonuses tapos iiyak ka nalang because of the tax. Masaya sana because the company is generous with our bonuses but jusko 1/3 halos nauuwi lang sa tax so ang pasko namin, tuyot parin. Normal na nga for us yung magpopost sa FB noon ng rant about taxes eh. Ako, I refuse to look at my payslip nalang because it literally broke my heart! So when that law about bonus tax exemption became a law, mas masaya na ang pasko namin!

Totoo naman that we need laws that we could feel diba? Yung ramdam mo ang effect. Yung ayan, mahahawakan mo, mafifeel mo na makakatulong talaga sayo! For years, I would always rant na bayad ako ng bayad ng tax pero di ko naman nakikita saan napupunta. I mean yeah, the government could list down all of the stuff they bought with the tax payer's money and I'm pretty sure it helped run the government but I want something tangible!! Yung dama ko!

At eto na nga yun! Mga batas na tutulong sa mga kabataan para makapagtapos! I still have a brother who's going to college next year so when I saw this tweet I'm really happy!! Woohoo! Free college education!

You know, my parents are old. And I have a family already so as much as I wanna help all out with my brother's finances, I'm pretty sure it'll be difficult. So malaking luwag for us na meron ng ganito! My brother could go to a state university and earn a degree! Nakakaiyak yung mga ganitong news eh. Super nakakatuwa. Lalo tuloy gumu-gwapo si Angara sa paningin ko! Hahahaha!

Honestly, this post is just for me to ask for social media reach nung project ni Senator Angara about Medical Scholarship Bill because I truly believe in it! (And I'm not sure if it's included on that free college tuition law because we all know that med school is much more expensive.) I believe that if we don't stop sharing it and talking about it, mapipilitan ang government to listen to our plea. Our senators could only do so much. I remember kasi asking for help also and for promoting #TaxReformNow several years ago that resulted to good things I've mentioned above. Let's not be passive. Let's use our energy and our social media reach by promoting good things that could help our children. We need more doctors! Di man ako naging doktor, di ako papayag na may isa na namang bata ang di matutupad ang pangarap dahil walang pera!

Buti nalang we have Senators talaga like him now. I'm very proud I voted for the man! I did some quick research and found several bills that he authored or co-authored na talagang masasabi mong may silbi like the OWWA Act, Basic Life Support Training in Schools Act, expanding the benefits of our PWDs, seafarers protection act. Ang dami pa actually! I won't list them here anymore but there are loads of them and all of them are laws that could help us. All we have to do is make sure that the laws are being implemented. Buti hindi sinayang ng lokong to yung boto ko! Woohoo!

Also, ang gwapo talaga niya! Hahahaha! Kaso ang ganda din ng asawa nya eh. Huhuhu hahaha!

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