My Crazy Week and My Essential Oils

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Last week, was super duper crazy for me. I've been feeling off since Tuesday but I have a strict work schedule because I have some stuff that needs to be delivered and I really can't manage even just 1 day of time off. So I was literally dragging my sorry ass to work every single day last week.

Plus our office is super cold. We've all been begging them to turn the AC down because we're all turning into popsicles but apparently it's a building-related stuff. Anyway, I'm here to share with you how I managed to get by that entire week.

I'll reveal my secret power and that's my essential oils!

My bestfriend Jerellt of Je's Anatomy have been raving about her essential oils since last year. I actually wanna get my own kit right away but the price is kinda steep. So I know I have to think through it properly and make sure that it'll be really useful.

And so far, no regrets at all because my oils helped my family and I to be so healthier and better.

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I'm gonna share with y'all how I use my essential oils and my blends na permanent ng nasa bag ko.

Honestly nasa gitna ako ng very busy day as in super busy. Nakakalokang busy. Walang kasing busy. Hahahaha! But I decided to stop and blog kasi gusto ko lang magsulat dahil feeling ko sasabog na ko. Kanina, I ate a burger, fries and frosty. Lahat yang stress-reliever ko. So yes, nag stress eating akoooo!!! Another stress-reliever for me eh etong blog ko so I decided to stop, breathe and write. Eh nasa tabi ko ang essential oil blends ko so sya ang naisip kong topic. Bwahaha! But in the middle na stress na naman ako because I wanna be informative and all that but then... nagde-destress nga pala ako so back to chicka minute ang peg ng post na to. Makachicka lang talaga.

Pero grabe talaga ang saya ko with my essential oils! Di ko alam paano ako mabubuhay ng wala tong mga bote bote na to. They kept me sane. Salamat sa focus blend at immunity blends ko! Malapit na din matapos tong ginagawa namin so yey!!!

For now, bye na muna. Back to work. Promise bawi ako after neto. Also, if you are interested to try Young Living Essential Oils, check out this link! And let me know so I could help you get started on your #OilbularyoJourney

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