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I know I haven't been blogging properly here. I'm sorry my dear #ReigningReaders. Ayoko din talaga sana nung blog na puro sponsored post at wala ng chicka. Nakaka-bore yun. But honestly, November has been super hectic and crazy. Medyo nawindang ako ng konti.

First, I had to change my work schedule. I used to go to the office really late but now I'm usually at work around 7 to 7:30 AM. I don't drive anymore as well kasi maaga naman ako so jeep nalang muna. Plus the traffic is crazy and the parking situation in Makati is terrible! So public transport ang lola mo. And oh my gulay! I know how crazy public transport is pero almost 2 years na ko di nagji-jeep pauwi because I used to hitch with my bestfriend pag sinusundo sya ng asawa nya and then this year nga, I bring my car na. So na-shock ako! Grabe na pala talaga ang public transport in Makati. If you also work in Makati, alam nyo to! Yung pagtuntong ng 5PM, zombie apocalypse na ang peg ng commuters sa Ayala Ave! Hay diosmio! I really have to leave the office ng mga 4-4:30 kasi pag nalate ako ng 1 minute, hindi na ko makakauwi.

Super tiring! And it makes me really sad. Imagine what people has to go through? I mean, I'm lucky because kahit papaano, hawak ko yung time ko so I have the option to leave the office really early. But the normal working public (like my sister) has to wait for 5PM pa talaga before they could leave the office. And then wala na, ang aabutan na talaga is the pandemonium. My sister would usually travel for 1.5hrs to 2hrs. Eh ang lapit lang ng bahay namin from Makati. Madalas pa dun, nilalakad nya from her office to J.P. Rizal para lang makauwi na agad. I bring home my laptop with me everyday so di option ang paglalakad ng malayo for me. Mamamatay ako talaga. Nakakaloka!

Second hanash this November is that the #FabSkye got sick. I had a cough and after a week, nahawa ang bagets. At first we just did water therapy but then she started to have recurring fever already especially at night so we rushed her to the ER na. They gave her antibiotics and we we're advised to nebulize. She's okay now, thank God. We could also do a proper review of Omron CompAir Nebulizer na din because we were able to use it. That's for a separate entry.

Third hanash is that she was scratched by her puppy Emmo on her ear. We rushed her to the ER on a Saturday evening. The following day, around 3PM na scratch naman sya ng puppy nya. They we're playing kasi and ayun na scratch sya. It's on the ear so CAT 3 agad kaya we had to give her anti-rabies shots. We went to different private hospitals here in Manila and lahat sila out of stock sa anti-rabies. Nakakaloka! We had no choice but to bring her to San Lazaro. A public hospital here in Manila. I'll tell you more about it on a separate blog as well as tips on what to do if your child is bitten an animal. Basta ang masasabi ko lang, I thank the Lord everyday because I could bring my daughter to a private hospital when she's sick. Nakaka-sad ang public hospitals sa atin. Although ang laki na ng improvements. The last time I set foot on a public hospital is when my Lola was hospitalized almost 10 yrs ago. Noon, grabe talaga sya. Nakakatakot and nakakaawa talaga ang kalagayan ng pasyente. Plus the doctors and nurses are rude and mataray. Parang ayaw nila ng trabaho nila ganun. Atleast at San Lazaro, the doctors and nurses and even the guards are nice. And the place naman is clean even if it's old. But still, ramdam mo yung poverty na nagsusumigaw. I'll blog about it real soon talaga (update: here is my San Lazaro Hospital blog post).

So ayun lang, of course may regular hanash with work na super busy pero known issue na yun. And I'm thankful actually that I'm busy with work coz it means, may work ako! Sabi nga ng mga bosses namin, job security yan! Hahaha!

I'm just so thankful that with my new work schedule, I got to spend more time with my daughter. Maaga na kasi ako nauwi so in the early evening, naasikaso ko pa sya. Dati our homeschooling lessons are super late na. But now, mas maaga kami nakakapag lesson and nakakapag play pa kami with art lessons. Tiring because my day is super haba talaga pero keriboom boom! Everything for my baby.

Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (1)

Kasi saglit lang talaga sila magiging bata eh. Look at her nga oh. She's almost 4! Next year, big school na sya. She's also very talkative now. Dami ng tanong!

Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (4)

And I love how she's really practicing tagalog now. She did it on her own when she started spending more time with her friends and playmates. She's speaking in tagalog more and more now. Slang lang but still, yehey for us because we're trying to raise a bilingual child talaga.

Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (2)

Ayoko nung English lang because heller? Pinay sya. Kelangan tagalog and english. Hahaha!

Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (7)

Dami ko din hanash about her funny antics but separate entry nalang besh. Mahaba na to eh! For now, check out her pics! Ang saya saya nya i-OOTD now. Pose kung pose eh!

Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (8)
Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (3)
Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (6)
Girl-Toddler-Fashion-Gingersnaps-FabSkye (5)

I'm writing this blog post while waiting for the #FabSkye to finish her Eye-Level lessons! Masaya ang Eye-Level, I swear! Her teachers are super nice!!!

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