Bossing Explores Serious Comedy With Meant To Beh

During the BlogCon of Bossing Vic Sotto's latest film and come back to Metro Manila Film Festival, Meant To Beh, he discussed about his venture into "serious" comedy.

I'm always a Bossing Vic for MMFF fan. All the Enteng movies? Watched them all! Hahaha!

But I remembered reading a blog several years ago talking about how Bossing Vic should do serious movies and those with "class". I remembered being appalled because hey! Enteng Kabisote is a wonderful man and he definitely thought me several life lessons like, well, that you can fight demons and dragons even if you're mere mortal. And that, it's definitely a must to be gorgeous if you wanna be dyosa mum like Faye. Hahaha!

Seriously, I believe that Christmas is really a season for family. While I really love the fact that last year, we were given a great line up of movies for MMFF (aminin natin na ang gaganda talaga ng movies diba?), I find it difficult to chose a movie suitable for the kids. So yes, na-miss ko si Enteng!

So when I learned that this year, Bossing is back with Ms. Dawn Zulueta for a family movie, I am shookt!

During the blogcon, Bossing said that this year he wants to try something else. Something fresh. Something new. A serious comedy that's still perfect for the entire family.

According to Director Chris Martinez, we would surely see a different Dawn and Bossing in this film. Dawn doing comedy and Bossing doing drama. After that statement, wala na! Excited na ko to watch it talaga.

The film also stars JC Santos, Gabbi Garcia, Baby Baste, Sue Ramirez, Ruru Madrid, Andrea Torres and Daniel Matsunaga.

Obviously, this movie knows no station war kasi pinagsama ang kapuso at kapamilya in one movie.

JC Santos, a favorite actor talks about how happy he is to work with Bossing and Ms. Dawn and how much he loves doing comedy. That really, this film is hilarious but still very much relatable for it talks about a typical family issues.

Meant To Beh is an official entry to Metro Manila Film Festival for 2017 and would be shown on Christmas Day! Eto ang uunahin namin panoorin as a family.

Pero you all know me! Fan ako ng MMFF! So malamang panoorin ko na naman almost lahat ng films. Suportahan natin sila panoorin this Christmas season!!

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