Be Stress-Free With Efficascent Relaxing Oil

One of my secret guilty pleasure is watching Darla's Push Bag Raid. I don't know. I really love seeing what our artistas bring everyday. Darla uses the term "nakaka-artista" on common stuff that our artistas bring everyday like big sunnies, wallet filled with different currencies and relaxing oils to keep them stress-free!

Now, I know my best friend loves relaxing oil for migraine and just general pagkahilo. But I just can't use the same brand she's using because of my allergic rhinitis. The smell is just too strong for me. Di sya nakaka-relax for me honestly. But I know a lot of my friends who use it too.

So when I discovered Efficascent Relaxing Oil, I'm super happy! Finally, I found my perfect nakaka-artista relaxing oil!!

Efficascent Relaxing Oil is the perfect anti-stress oil for me. The scent is not too strong giving me that relaxing feel. And now that I'm sporting a cold, inhaling it truly helps relieve my clogged nose.

I now understand why our artistas always bring a small bottle of relaxing oil with them. Super helpful pala talaga sya because one whiff definitely helps me relax. Aside from that, since now that I commute everyday to and from work - I rely heavily on my Efficascent Relaxing Oil to keep me from fainting sa jeep especially pag may katabi kang amoy ewan.

Alam nyo yan! May mga tao talagang kung makapag-perfume eh akala mo galit sa pabango. Meron din naman na hinahabol ng deodorant pero mukhang nakatakas! Hahaha! I just have to sniff it para mabuhay ako sa daily commute.

No wonder, pregnant Kaye Abad rely on her Efficascent Relaxing Oil heavily. Alam nyo naman ang buntis diba? Sensitive ang pang amoy. Mine kasi is always sensitive talaga. Lalo pa ang buntis.

Husband and wife Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo was on the launch of Efficascent Relaxing Oil and discussed why they love it because it is their instant pampa-relax.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil is a combination of essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint known to calm the stressed body. Eucalyptus is actually known to clear mental exhaustion and increases focus and concentration.

While peppermint oil contains cooling effect and serves as pain reliever. It also helps the mind to eradicate mental fatigue.

So having them both makes Efficascent Relaxing Oil a powerful little bottle of pampa-relax!

A lot of my friends and relatives love it too! Super everyday essential na talaga sya. Good thing they come in 6ML and a smaller 3ML bottles so swak na swak sa pocket at sa bag. I have a bottle on all my bags and even on the car because heller?! It only costs 75Php for the 6ML bottle. Super cheap para sa stress-free life!!

Paki bag raid na ko now para makita nyo my nakaka-artistang relaxing oil! Hahaha!

Have you tried Efficascent Relaxing Oil? What do you think?

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