Nuffnang Blogger Workshop: Creative Flatlay & Color Mixing with Tippy Pelayo Go


I'm not really artistic. Mathematics I can comprehend, but colors? I KENNAT!

So while I lust over #feedgoals and photo curation, I try very hard to learn and beef up my gadgets to help me improve this blog visually.

I know how important it is to have nice photos on the blog. Kasi ako din, blog reader. And most of the time, if the blog photos are nice, binabalik balikan ko talaga!

And don't ask me about that crazy thing called flatlays! Believe me, I'e been trying real hard and so far all I get is a messed up photo. Yung mga okay ko na flatlay, most of the time may help from my officemates and friends. Pag ako, huhuhu nalang talaga!

So when Nuffnang invited me join their Creative Flatlay & Color Mixing workshop with non other than Tippy Pelayo Go of Googly Gooeys, I just had to say yes. Umaasa padin talaga ako na matututo ako!


And OMG! I actually learned lots. And this is not char lang or what. I actually learned A LOT! And finally understood the concept of colors and how it plays a vital role in flatlays.

Let me show you a flatlay I did on the event...


I know it's not awesome awesome for some but for me, it's already a huge improvement! For the first time, mukhang cohesive ang picture ko!!!


So apparently, all you have to do is find a color from your main subject and fill out the frame with some stuff of the same color. Using the color wheel also helps. But generally, the simplest way is just to simply make sure that the colors pop on items you want to highlight! While blending the other stuff on your photo.

I can't believe that someone like me without an inch of artistic blood was able to pull through a simple flatlay.

It's probably because Tippy explained everything in a very simple manner that's easy to understand. And we started by mixing colors! Playing with colors definitely helped!!


Aside from learning how to mix colors and do flatlays, I aso realize that this simple activity is a perfect bonding time for me and the #FabSkye who can't seem to get enough of water colors and colored pencils.


Art has been therapeutic for me and a fun time with my daughter. I don't only use it to improve my blog photos but also on my planners and our drawing sessions with the #FabSkye.

Good thing that Faber Castell has loads of fun art stuff that we could use. I really love the water color because it's easy to assemble and easy to use. Very friendly pa for the #FabSkye na medyo gigil sa water colors. You could even buy it separately so yey!


And we've been using the Faber Castell colored pencil since forever kasi maganda ang color payoff. Also use this on my planners!

So thank you so much Nuffnang and Faber Castell for this day! From now on, my flatlays and my photos in general would be so much better!!!

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