Why We Love InstaSuot MamyPoko Pants

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I've always been very particular with all the products I use with my daughters. Specially with diapers.

I remember the first time I tried MamyPoko all those years ago..

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I posted this on my FB account when the #FabSkye was only 3 weeks old. I got real stressed out because my daughter's tushies were kinda pinkish. First signs of diaper rash!

It was scary for me because she's just around 3 weeks old then and I could only imagine the pain. Plus we all know how crazy diaper rash could get if di naagapan diba?

A lot of my friends commented all those rash creams and all but a friend says that I should give MamyPoko a try. Then a couple more friends agreed to the comment and says they are using the same brand and never had rash issues.

And that's the start of my MamyPoko love affair.

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We've been using MamyPoko for years! A brand we've been very loyal to.

But now we got introduced to another variant of MamyPoko with their new packaging. The InstaSuot MamyPoko Pants.

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Now that we have a 1 year old hyper active baby and a 3 year old toddler, diaper changing is extra extra difficult for this household.

As in nakakaloka, nakaka-ubos ng pasensya kind of difficult. Just look at these two!

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Super kulit diba? People would always mistake them for twins kahit na there's an almost 2 year difference on their age. And the kulit? Parang twins din!

So imagine our lives if we ever try to make them wear diapers? I swear, super gulo! Also, now that the #FabSkye is already 3 years old and potty-trained, she seldom wears diaper na but we still keep a stash for her specially on long drives and if the potty is not accessible. So usually, diaper changing ang peg namin inside the car. Imagine that if we we're using tapes? Di talaga keri!

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The InstaSuot MamyPoko Pants is a our life saver. With the super stretch waist, it's easy to wear. Just like a regular panty. It is also specially perfect for our hyperactive 1 year old, Enchang, na super talaga sa likot. With MamyPoko Pants, suot lang sa paa then pull! Easy!

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The triple ring support of MamyPoko Pants comes in handy with these likot babies for they provide all around leakage protection. Kahit gaano sila kalikot, we are assured that no leakage talaga on both legs and waist.

I can't express how important this feature is specially if you have toddlers and active babies. We want to make sure that no wiwi leaks at all kahit pa mag-tumbling sila mag-hapon.

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Of course, it is important that the diaper should have superior absorbency. MamyPoko could keep your babies dry for up to 10hrs to ensure a comfortable sleep. Though I still recommend changing their diaper every 4-6 hours to avoid UTI.

I guess it's one of the reasons why MamyPoko does not cause diaper rash at all. All the wiwi are absorbed by the diaper so di nabababad sa wiwi ang tushies ng mga bagets. Iwas UTI, iwas diaper rash!

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Another very important factor for us is the soft, cottony, breathable cover. Para lang talaga syang panties.

Since the #FabSkye is already potty-trained, she doesn't like to wear diaper anymore. Except for MamyPoko Pants because para lang syang naka-panty. Very comfy. Di mainit.

MamyPoko has always been my partner in raising my child. I don't worry about rashes or UTI or leakage. For a household with 2 active babies, these little things matter a lot. It kept us sane. And it surely makes our lives easier.

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Another product that I was able to try recently is the MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes. This super gentle baby wipes is available in 4 variants:

  1. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Anti-Bacterial with Fragrance
  2. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Anti-Bacterial Non-Fragrance
  3. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Cottony Sofy with Fragrance
  4. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes Cottony Soft Non-Fragrance
Since this is from a brand I truly trust, I was more than willing to try and I'm more than happy. The wipes are soft and gentle. I really prefer the non-fragrance variant because of my allergic rhinitis. Since it is 99% pure water with a little of green tea extract, I am very sure that I am using the gentlest product for our babies.

Check out the latest MamyPoko Pants TVC featuring the cutie Poko-chan.

You can also join the MamyPoko community by liking their Facebook Page to get updated with their products.

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