World Citi Med's Brand New Maternity Wing

When I was pregnant with the #FabSkye, one of the first things I checked out and researched is the hospital where I'd give birth.

I believe that it is extremely important to find a good hospital because believe me, you don't wanna get stressed out on that most delicate time of your motherhood.

My personal requirements? It must have clean and spacious rooms, personal toilet, complete medical facilities and comfortable.

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So when I was invited by World Citi Med to check out their newly-renovated, just-opened Maternity Wing, I was game!

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World Citi Med's event to celebrate the Birth Day of their Maternity Wing. They invited expectant mums on a morning full of pregnancy-related talks that is perfect for them.

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Experts were invited to discuss some of the most common questions of expectant mums to help them on their journey to motherhood. Breastfeeding, pre-natal and post-natal care are some of the things they discussed.

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World Citi Med also partnered with some of the mum-friendly brands so each participant would go home with gifts from The Parenting Emporium, Beginnings, Chicco, Pampers, Huggies, Cetaphil, World Citi Wellness, True Iced Tea, Mega Malunggay and Wilkins Pure.

Aside from the Mother's Class for expectant mums on the 5th floor Executive Lounge, they also had a ribbon-cutting ceremony and Christian dedication of the new Maternity Wing on the 6th floor.

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L-R: Guest of Honor Dr. Rustico A. Jimenez (President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Phils.); Dr. Lorcelli Parado (Chairman, OB-GYNE Department, World Citi Med); Ms. Avelyn Garcia (President and CEO of Unleash International Corp.); Madame Arlyn Grace V. Guico (President and CEO, World Citi Med); Dr. Margarita Santella-Jara (Medical Director, World Citi Med); and Mr. Jay Eusebio (Vice-President for Sales and Marketing,UNTV).
Also present during the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico (Officer-in-Charge and CEO, World Citi Med); Dr. Meadina Cruz (Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, World Citi Med); the board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated; Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro (PVED Corporate Director, World Citi Med); and Pastor Alex Tinsay who led the dedication of the Maternity Wing.

We had the chance to check out all the rooms on the maternity wing and I must say that I was blown away! Bakit nga ba malayo to sa bahay ko? At bakit walang ganito nung buntis pa ko kay Kakay? Ang ganda!!

New Maternity Wing

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Well-lit hallways and I love the nice flowery wallpapers and framed photos. It sure doesn't look like your typical hospital diba? Magaan sya sa mata!

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The Nurse's Station is also nice. Hotel reception ang peg ng mga to. Very nice!

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This is a Private Room. Look at the lovely wallpapers, nice couch, very nice bed sheet (I love lavander!) and well-lit.

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (6)

I love that they have white walls, wooden floors and spacious rooms. I swear there is more than enough space for mum, dad and baby here. Even if you have a couple of visitors, for sure they'll all fit in!

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (5)

Private Rooms also have their own telly and fridge. I'm not sure if you can see it but the floral wallpaper is LOVE!

The rooms sure looks like a hotel room. Relaxing super!

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One of the reasons why I love World Citi Med's rooms are their toilets! Spacious. The shower area is also spacious and well-thought of. Plus the floors!!! Look at that! It's not slippery! Parang wooden something sya. Perfect diba?

We all know how difficult it is to use the toilet when you just gave birth, so thank you World Citi Med for this!

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (18)

For those with less budget, they also have a Maternity Ward. It has 3-beds with toilet and a space for mini kitchen. Usually, I don't like wards because they tend to be cramped. But not here!

Look at how well-spaced the area is. There are curtain partitions, drawers and chairs. For sure mums and babies will be comfortable here.

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (10)

And of course they have a Private Suite. This big room is really heaven! Nice spacious space with dining area, mini kitchen, own toilet. couch, telly and fridge. Everything you really need is here. And very staycation ang peg!

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (9)

Look at the comforter and the nice wallpaper. Diba? Hotel feels talaga!

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (15)

The maternity wing also has their own breastfeeding station. They have a comfy chair and a mini fridge.

Here's a video of our room tour for y'all to see!

Maternity Package

After seeing the video I am sure I have you all excited about World Citi Med's Maternity Wing; the huge question is...HOW MUCH?

Hold on to your seats kasi masho-shock kayo...

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (17)

Diba? It's so affordable! I swear! Mas mahal dyan yung binayaran ko when I gave birth tapos the room is not as nice as this! Malayo talaga eh.

They said kasi that even though they had everything renovated, they didn't change the rate at all. So this is still their old rate but with newer and better facilities. Oh I love World Citi Med!

Though take note that the price are exclusive of Professional Fees (your doctor's fees) but still, very much affordable.

These packages are available for normal and CS deliveries. During the talk they offered up to 15% discount on the packages.

Aside from the Maternity Package they also have Pre-Natal Packages.

World-Citi-Med-Maternity-Ward-ReigningStill (19)

These are the regular and required pre-natal tests and each of them doesn't come cheap. So these packages are winner talaga! Very affordable.

Pre-natal packages also come with:

  • FREE mother’s book for pre-natal check-ups
  • FREE privilege card that they can use at World Citi Med and partner establishments for perks and discounts
  • FREE Mothers Class on pre-natal, postnatal, breastfeeding, and family planning
  • FREE access to pre-natal education resources online
Daming FREE!!

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So if you are expecting, you may want to check out World Citi Med. Believe me, the hospital where you'd give birth is very very important. You have to research and do site visits. They don't come super cheap but World Citi Med truly gave us world-class service and value-for-money!

Visit World Citi Med at 960 Aurora Blvd. corner Anonas St., Quezon City or check out their website Follow them on IG and Facebook to get updates.

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