Why Mum Drivers Need Car Maintenance & Repair 101

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Last year, I got my first car.

We know it's time to get a car because public transportation is difficult and very costly. Also, my company shoulders a portion of the mortgage as part of my benefits so I went for it.

After months and months of researching for the perfect car, computing our expenses and everything financial-related and weighing our options - we went home with a silver compact car.


Deciding which car to get is not easy. We had to research, read, and ask around. One of our go to site is www.cars.com. They have loads of car listings and reviews that definitely helped us.

In the end, we went with the car that fits all our requirements:
  1. It should be fuel-efficient.
  2. Within our budget.
  3. With good reviews and must pass all the important safety requirements (it's a family car so it should be super safe).
  4. After-service and maintenance should be easy.
  5. Most of all, it should be compact so I could drive it!
After 1 year, I'm proud to say that I could finally, finally drive my car. Got my student license earlier this year and finally got my license last month.

Honestly, I'm still not that confident in driving. Especially here in Manila where jeepney, taxi and bus drivers are crazy. Add the heavy traffic and it's a nightmare.

But as a mother, I realized that driving is a necessity. There are days when my husband is not around to drive for us and I have to bring my daughter to school or to the mall or to her lessons. With our very unreliable public transport, I have no other choice.


For months I was so focused on learning how to drive. How to park. What to do during traffic. Basically, I am so focused on learning how to get the car from point A to point B.

But our experience last week made me realize that I missed on a very important part of being a car owner - Car Maintenance & Repair.

Last week, we went to the mall and I'm with my daughter and her God mother. It was raining hard and lots of the areas in Manila is flooded. When I went to the parking lot and started my car, it's not working. Looks like the battery died! I'm not sure if it died because I have ZERO knowledge in car maintenance and repairs. I had to call my best friends, ask people around, tap the help of the mall security guard just to identify what's causing the problem (it is indeed my battery!). I do not even know how to open my car hood!! I am that clueless.

Thank God I have friends and nice people who helped me. What if I'm alone? What if it's just me and my daughter? What will I do? I do not even know what to check on my car before I leave the house to make sure it is on tip top shape.


So now I vow to learn more about cars. Cars.com is a great source of information for me. I've been reading their Car Maintenance 101 section for a while now and so far I've learned a lot. Next in line is their DIY Auto Repairs section where they have some How To videos, common repair services tutorial like change oil and jump car and some expert tips about service.

Most of us treat our cars like family. We take care of them because in turn, they take care of us. Knowing their needs and and reading up about how to take better care of them is necessary.

Most of us mums, we tend to just not mind these things because it's a guy thing.. But no! My recent experience is truly an eye opener. That it is very important to know the basics. It is important to know what to do and what to check when I have issues with my car. It is important to understand car maintenance and practice it. I have to make sure that I am doing things correctly.

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