Mid-Program Review of Yakson's Face Resizing Care Program

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I'm halfway through my Face Resizing Care Program of Yakson. And so far I'm loving it!

Here's my latest selfie as proof!

See? Smaller face, more symmetrical and definitely glowing!

The combination of Golki, different techniques like - the slimming machine and stoning, plus different face masks sure made their magic!

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On my first session, Miss Kim took a couple of photos of my face as well as a face mold so they would get an actual comparison after the program. I can't wait to see the difference!

Though I could already feel it.

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The Golki Therapy is also a lot bearable now. I actually find it relaxing already. I'm getting used to the head massage and the combing. They are superb!

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Aside from the massage, I also love the cleansing cream and toners used on Yakson. They are gentle on the skin and I swear my face feels fresh after every session.

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I already tried the abdominal massage and they are as relaxing as the back massage! I'll share with you that experience on a separate post.

But I think those massages really helped in achieving my glowing skin. All the toxins are out after every massage and I love it!

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So for now, you can learn more about Yakson House by visiting their website here or check out and follow them on Facebook.

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