Golfhill Gardens: Everyone's Dream Home

Everyone's ultimate dream is to find a place they could call home. I've been dreaming of finally getting our own place ever since we had the #FabSkye but finding one is not easy.

Usually, the ones here in the metro is too small and too populated. Of course I want a place conducive for raising a child. The private ones with enough space are usually located in the nearby provinces. But I've always been a city girl! The toll fees and the crazy traffic is always a point to consider.

So when I got invited by our friends from Megaworld, to check out their latest residential development in Capitol Hills, Quezon City I was more than excited to go!

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Golfhill Gardens is a mid-rise, low density residential place at the heart of Quezon City. It's just 20 minutes away from Eastwood City and around 15 minutes away from the university area. So if you want your kids to study in Ateneo and UP and the others, it's the perfect place!

The place is private and secure. It's a 2 gated property so we are very sure of the security. The place is also highly elevated and spacious!

They have a total of 6 low density clusters and almost 50% of the area is dedicated to open spaces and greenery!

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Here's a the mini-version of the entire place. If you notice, the roads are wide and there are loads of space for trees.

When we went there, parang nawala talaga kami sa city! Ang luwag! And because there are loads of trees around the area, it's more breezy.

The moment we got in, we were greeted by the spacious and beautiful pool area.

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (3)

There's a 16 meter swimming pool with more lush greens.

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (2)

If you notice, the low-rise buildings are not crowded. The above picture was taken on the pool area. Malawak ang open space diba?

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (1)

Aside from the nice pool, they also have other amenities...

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (5)

Located at the ground floor of Clusters 1 and 2 is the indoor gym. The gym is spacious with lots of machines. It reminds me of the Hyatt's gym in Minneapolis kasi di crowded and the floor is really nice.

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (4)

They also have a nursery/playroom. There are nice little chairs, a television and lots of bookshelf. This is perfect for the #FabSkye.

They even have a Spa! So if you want to have a Spa-rty, you could have it here para di naman mangamoy langis ang bahay mo! Soooo nice!

For small group meetings, they also have this meeting room! Grabe! Meron talaga sila lahat dito!

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (8)

Of course, the spacious Events Center! Look at the lighting! Ganda no? This events center could be divided into 2 if you need a smaller space or get both if you want a big party. Sarap siguro magpa seventh birthday party dito!

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (6)

Each cluster also has a mail room. Of course, each unit owner would have their own key and everything is labelled and the mail room is actually spacious. I was not able to get a nicer picture pero ang galing because hindi masikip ang mail room! Usually kasi ang sikip eh. Parang, paano ko kukunin ko yung sulat ko kung envelop lang kasya sa mail room nyo? Nyahaha!

Of course, we had to check out the actual units! Hay naku, wait till you see it. I was lusting over them the entire time!

First, when they say they offer low-density clusters, they mean it! Every floor has few units only. The elevators are spacious as well as the corridors. 

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (9)

This is their One-bedroom model unit. This one is decorated already para you'd see that hindi talaga sya masikip. You have enough space for a living room, dining area and the kitchen is really nice.

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (10)

The Studio unit is also spacious. Usually for studio units talagang sikipan diba? But this one, hindi. Notice that they were able to put a huge bed and a sofa plus that divider/bookshelf. If I'm single, I'd definitely consider this one!

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (13)

Finally, we checked out their 2 Bedroom Unit. This one is bare. So basically, this is what you'll get once they turn over the unit. Livable na talaga! Lalagyan mo nalang ng laman!

Each bedroom has their own cabinets already and the floors are tiled. This 2 bedroom unit is technically a 3 bedroom unit kasi they have a maid's quarter already. The maid's quarter has its own toilet. If I'll get this unit I'd probably turn it into my home office/walk in closet!

The master's bedroom has its own bathroom as well.

Golfhill-Gardens-ReigningStill (12)

I just wanna highlight the kitchen. Look at all those storage space! I don't cook so I don't appreciate kitchens at all but when I showed it to the #ReigningTatay, he got so excited. Ganda daw. The kitchen already has 4 burner stove and exhaust. And look at the counters! Ganda diba? And everything is within reach talaga. Ganda ng layout ng kitchen.

Overall I really like the vibe in Golfhill Gardens. Perfect sya for everybody. For a family like us who's just starting. For a student since malapit nga sa universities and they even offer shuttle services to UP/Katipunan area. For bachelors and single ladies who want to go solo.

I love the vibe of the place because it's very private and it really feels secure. Plus the fact that it's near everything - the schools, the malls. I am still at the heart of the city while enjoying the provincial life. Ang saya!

Best part is the units will be ready within this year! Kaso, you have to hurry up coz the units are selling like hotcakes. Nagkakaubusan na talaga eh. So if you want a nice space within QC, I really suggest you pay Golfhill Gardens a visit.

I swear di ako mapapahiya sa inyo.

Check out Golfhill Gardens website for site visit schedules and to know more about them.

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