How to Book Staycations Easily with Traveloka App

One of our family’s guilty pleasures are hotel staycations.


Gone are the days when the cheapest accommodation is fine with me. With a toddler and a pre-teen in tow, I need a good night sleep on the most comfortable bed ever. Just look at how giddy my daughters are. Both of them loooooove them white sheets and fluffy pillows.

Also, I honestly believe deserve it. Minsan lang magbakasyon, may it be a simple staycation or an out-of-town trip, I want to be as comfy as possible.

That’s why I really really love my Traveloka App!


The Traveloka App is my app for everything vacation-related. May it be flights or hotels, they sure got me covered!

Booking a hotel is sooo easy too. Just key in your destination, the check-in dates, the duration of your vacation, total guests and number rooms and voila! All possible hotels on the area all in one listing!

So you’d probably ask me why Traveloka is my go-to app? Here’s why:

  1. Mobile app. As a working mum with a million things to do, my mobile phone serves as my sanity saver; and doing everything mobile is the way to be. With my busy schedule, I can’t find the time to sit and plan my vacation. But with the Traveloka App, I could easily plan my vacation on the go. Being stuck in a heavy traffic is a whole lot bearable.
  2. Easy to use. Very much user-friendly. Being an IT girl makes me extra meticulous about my apps. I don’t want a cluttered UI. And slooooow apps make me cringe. Traveloka passed with all flying colors. Navigating thru the functionalities is a breeze. And it’s pleasing to the eyes. The UI is excellent.
  3. Reviews and rates. Each hotel is rated by the customers and you could read the reviews right on the app. No need to google and read on thousands upon thousands of web pages. Customer reviews and rates are very important to me coz I wanna know what to expect. But of course, I always take the reviews with a grain of salt.
  4. Local and international. Yep! They have local and international hotel listings!! Awesome!
  5. Lots of payment options. You can pay with your credit card, Mastercard, over the counter payments via bank, M.Lhuillier and even 7-11!
  6. The promos are crazy! They have lots of promos almost every week. And great deals mind you. And all of the promos are on the Promos tab so you have a list of on-going promos right then and there. Also, the Traveloka App would notify you of the on-going promos so you won’t miss it! I love it!! 


I’ve been checking out the Traveloka App for some time now coz we’re planning to do a staycation. We all need some R&R and staycations are perfect for our small family!


Saya! I’m now busy reading reviews and checking out my options. Yan lang talaga ang hirap sa Traveloka eh. Ang hirap pumili !! Parang lahat gusto ko bes.

If you are a travel bug like me, go ahead and download the Traveloka App. I’m sure you’d understand why I love it so much. The app can be downloaded free from the App Store and Play Store.    

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