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I've been reading loads of back to school posts and first day high on my social media. A lot of my mummy friends are busy making bento boxes for their bubs. Me? Still here, stuck in a limbo of looking for the best school in Manila. If it's affordable, that'll be a HUGE bonus!!!


Y'all know that I've been homeschooling the #FabSkye as early as day 0. While pregnant I would read aloud, make her listen to music, and talk to her nonstop. The minute she was born, I printed all those black and white shapes and stuff that they say would help in early recognition and logic plus we would talk to her and teach her stuff like colors and sounds and animals and counting and everything. Then we moved to a scheduled "study time" where she would do her "'assignments (I would print work sheets I'd find online and make her do it with her Tita Mariel).

I am a firm believer of the importance of early childhood education. Personally kasi, I experienced it. My parents enrolled me in a private school during grade school. Where my study habits were developed. My father worked abroad just so I could finish my grade school in that private school. Kasi when I was in 2nd grade, they transferred me to a public school and I cried everyday. Because everything they would teach, tapos na namin pag aralan talaga nung grade one.

Until now, very vivid pa din sa aking memory how terrible I felt that year. Ang judgmental pa ng teacher ko dun. Kakabwiset! Eh ang tanga naman talaga nung first honor namin. Hahahaha! Lagi lang nasa classroom yung nanay nya kaya sya first honor eh. Hahaha! #Bitter

High School and College actually are okay na for me. I guess she could go to a science high school like I did and then to a state university. Keri lang sa akin. But kinder and grade school? I really wanna make sure that I'd give her the best foundation. And when I say the best, that doesn't mean the most expensive. I want to give the best for her. Where she could maximize her potential and develop a good study habits. Once okay na sya dun, I'm very sure na kahit sa public high school ko sya ipasok, she'll excel.

Iba iba kasi ang mga bata eh. One of the reasons why I tried to home school my daughter is because I wanna know what type of learner she is. Is she more visual? Is she more activity-driven? Or kung mas okay sa kanya ang traditional na school-teacher set up. So I would know where to enroll her.

That's also why I enrolled her to our Baranggay Day Care Center last year. She's actually too young to go to school (she's just two) and technically just a saling ket ket but we still tried. She was doing good during the first few months. However, pagdating ng October she's already showing signs of boredom. And then the United Nations program happened where they we're required to do a dance number. Ayun! Practice ng Tatlong Bibe for 2 weeks. After nun ayaw na nya. She would say "But I don't want Bibe anymore Nanay! I know how to dance Bibe already!". Nyahahaha! After that, ayaw na pumasok.

Sayang because bet na bet ko pa naman ang paggawa ng bento nya araw araw. Hahaha!

And she was actually enjoying because her teacher is nice. But honestly, she didn't learn a single thing. As in waley. Cute lang sya pag pumapasok in her uniforms pero waley talaga!


Buti nalang we still continued with home schooling even if she's going to school. So her day care center stint is really just for socialization.

That made me realize na kelangan ko talagang maghanap ng mas maayos na school for her.

This year, we decided not to enroll her to a school. She's three, and home schooling her so far has been very okay for us. She's learning and she's enjoying. But we decided to enroll her to a learning center. We opted for Eye Level over Kumon. I'll blog about it real soon. I'll tell you why we opted for Eye Level coz that's totally for a different post.

Anyway, I don't wanna rush her. While I am very much into giving her the best education I could afford, I don't want to rush her.

I guess yun ang natutunan ko sa mga homeschooling mummy friends ko. Most of my blogger friends are home schooling mum. Sa totoo lang, I love their mindset sa mga anak nila. Their kids are smart and happy. And walang madalian talaga or competition. I also noticed that they are more relaxed.

Anyway, grabe! About that relaxed mindset... something happened earlier while we were at Eye Level that made me realize why it is very important for me na hindi magpadala sa sistema.

I was at the waiting area when a mum approached me. Kaka-enroll lang daw nya sa anak nya sa Eye Level because feeling nya her 4 year old is late na. When she learned that my daughter is 3, sabi nya buti nalang daw maaga ko pinasok si Skye because her daughter is late already. Nagtataka ako because her daughter is 4 lang talaga teh! 4! Paanong late agad diba? Di pa daw kasi nakakabasa unlike her classmates. So she wants her daughter to study at Eye Level. I told her na iba iba naman ang pace ng mga bata. I told her that my daughter is super advanced on some areas but she is a little bit slower on some. But because I don't rush her nga, ok lang sa akin. And then another mum came and they were talking about schools and activities that they enrolled their child. Nalula ako!

I'm not sure if it's just because I'm surrounded by home schooling mums or because I am home schooling my daughter as well kaya ako ganito or sadyang kinain na ng sistema ang ibang mga magulang. They were even talking about another kid who does Eye Level and Kumon at the same time! What the heck diba?!! Eh yung mga homeschooling friends ko, when I told them that I am already looking for a school, lahat sila told me na wag madaliin ang bata. That she should just play.

And then we started talking about the different schools around the area. I guess yun naman ang maganda kong nakuha on that conversation. I was introduced to other schools within the area that I could check out.

I've been school hunting since last year pero nagpahinga ako. I guess I really need to hurry up ngayon because honestly, my options are nakakaloka!!

First option is an International School near our house. Last year, the rate for Nursery is 95K. This year, I don't know. But my daughter would probably be on Pre-K or Kinder next year and I'm sure it'll be around that rate or higher.

Second option is a Progressive School. The same school where my daughter goes now for Eye Level. I asked about their Pre-K program and it's 125K. Muntik ako malaglag sa upuan besh when the head teacher mentioned the rates. I did a mental computation and mukhang magbebenta ako ng kidney next year. Tumutubo ba ang kidney mga inays? Kasi kelangan ko ata magbenta yearly. Nyahaha!

Anyway, they mentioned another school who accepts Pre-K very near sa current school ni Skye. And it's also a progressive school. Where her child is currently enrolled too. The rate is 65K plus books. And they said it's super okay. I'm seriously considering it.

I'll call all these schools and inquire and then I'll make a list probably next year. To help you guys. Grabe na ito! Di ako na inform na ang pagpapaaral ng nursery ngayon eh bentahan ng lamang-loob levels. Bwahahhaa!! Gusto ko maglaslas besh. Hihihihi!

I know you'll tell me that there are cheaper options. Yes. There cheaper options on our area but all of them are traditional schools and I don't like the student-teacher ratio. Most are like 50 students in a class. Anu ba yun?! With one teacher yan ha! Sana nag public school nalang ako diba? Also, I really want a progressive school sana or Montessori (madami kasi yung char lang na Montessori kaya nag iingat ako besh). I guess if you really want those okay schools, they don't really come cheap. Hay buhay!

I'll blog about our home schooling activities and how I manage to do it despite working full time real soon. I hope it's help you too!

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