My Little School Girl

Last June, the #ReigningTatay and I decided to enroll our darling little #FabSkye at the Baranggay Day Care Center. We’ve been talking about it actually as early as last year when we started home schooling Skye.


We never had a “formal” home school class but I always make sure that we incorporate learning thru play and even while watching telly or YouTube videos on her iPad.

I noticed that she’s a fast learner and has been showing signs of school readiness as early as 1.5 yrs old.

Thing is, the Baranggay Day Care Center is designed for kids 3.5 yrs old and above. My daughter is just 2 and we’re kinda hesitant because we’re afraid that she’ll be stressed out because of course, her classmates would be way way older than her and therefore much more advanced. Plus it’s a public day care center so they are kinda strict with the age requirement.

I talked to our Baranggay Chairman and told her that we’d enroll Skye as a salimpusa. I’m so happy that she agrees. Anyway, I told them that we will pull her out the moment we saw signs of distress or un-readiness.

Why the public Baranggay Day Care Center and not the expensive, private play schools, you might ask?

Well first, it’s super near our place. Isang kembot lang school na. Plus some of my nieces and nephews are also there. At least there will be familiar faces. And I got the chance to talk to the teacher and she’s a very nice lady. She’s a DSWD worker and has been a teacher (with very meager earnings I tell yah!!! These people deserve an increasee!!!!) for like 3 years now. She’s also very nice to Skye. And Skye adores her. And most of all, di ko masikmurang magbayad ng 60K para sa playschool. Nyahaha! I was just supposed to continue home schooling until she’s 4 and ready for kinder. But well, the day care center is perfect.

So we attended the first ever PTA meeting, bought some of the required school materials (the necessities only because we are so ready to pull her out after a week or so) and prepared her mentally and emotionally for school.

Preparing her is so easy. She has been bugging us to send her to school since last year. Her best friend is her Kuya Allen and everytime Allen would go to school, sasama sya talaga sa paghatid at sundo. She could barely talk back then but she would always say “kooooool pyiiiiiisss”.

This year, her other friends (all her friends are older than her!) all went to school and she was left alone. Lalo nya kami pinilit na mag school na din sya. Hence sealing our decision to enroll her. But more than anything else, gusto nya mag school para sa lunch box! Yes. Lunch box. Di pa man, aral-baon na.

So we really made extra effort in preparing her baon. And yes! If you do follow me on social media, I do bento now. Diosmio! That deserves a separate post kasi hindi naman talaga ako magaling sa mga ganyan. Math nalang please!!!


So how is she? She’s doing great!! No tears at all, ever. And she’s been attending school for a month now.

No problem leaving her at school with teacher. No problem socializing with her classmates. She’s ecstatic with all the stars she’s getting at school. She would show us what she learned from school that day – colors (which she mastered as early as 1 yr old), shapes (she’s familiar with star, heart and circle as early as 1.5yrs old but now she could identify square and rectangle too), dance, jump and some other songs I don’t understand (hahaha!).

Her Tatay would always accompany her to school. Would patiently wait for her outside until her 2 hour class is over.

And just last week, we’ve finally got her a school uniform. We delayed buying the uniform kasi nga ready na kaming i-pull out sya agad. But it looks like, she could finish the entire school year kasi enjoy na enjoy sya. She’s even excited to do her assignments!

Of course may mga issues din kami sa school. Like there’s this one time daw that a boy (obviously bigger and older than her, because she’s the smallest and youngest in class) pushed her. But instead of crying, Skye got up and patiently told the boy “that’s bad” and called the attention of her teacher.


My cousin (who’s at the center too because her son is a class mate of Skye) told me about it. Papatulan nga daw nya sana yung bata kaso mukhang mas na handle ng anak ko ng mas maayos ang eksena.

There’s this one classmate too who would eat all her baon. Hahahaha! Skye is very generous and she would always share her baon to everybody. Sabi nga ng Tatay nya, the minute her lunch box is opened, iikot na daw yun to share baon while saying “taste? taste?”. Mahirap din ata magturo ng mabuting asal sa batang to eh. Nyahahaha! Joke lang syempre.

Another issue for me is the fact that she is now exposed to junk foods. Zesto! Chocolait! Stick-O! Biscuits all over! Even candies! I don’t know what to do. I mean, biscuits and stick-o are okay from time to time. Pero pag araw-araw naman diba?

And I really don’t know why mums still prefer to give artificial juice drinks in tetra packs to their kids. Even if teacher specifically said na bawal. Yes. DSWD is updated and is very good kasi bawal sa kanilang mga day care centers ang artificial juice drinks and chocolate drinks. Kaso sabi nga ni teacher ayaw naman daw makinig. Sad. Eh si Kakay nga tubig lang baon eh. Walang gastos. Healthy pa!

But well, at least she’s now two and we have already built the foundation of good eating habits for Skye. At least now, she’ll eat chocolates but only a few bites. She tried a sip of those artificial juice drinks and she didn’t like them.

Still, I’m a bit worried kasi stick-o is now her favorite. Hahahaha! And she tried candies for the first time and loved it (as usual). Parte naman ata talaga ng buhay bata yan. Kaya sige na. Pinapayagan ko nalang. Basta uminom lang ng madaming madaming tubig afterI am not stressing much about it anymore. I keep on reminding myself that she’s already two. I promised myself that I’ll be a bit chill the moment she turns two. So this is me TRYING to chill.


At first, for us, it’s just another activity for her just like her swimming class. We just want her to improve her social skills. No expectations. We just want her to play. To enjoy her baon. Anyway, she’s too young. Salimpusa lang sya kasi sigurado naman kami na hindi nya kakayanin na sumabay sa mga classmates nya. Ganun lang.

But a month in the school and she’s proving us wrong. Hindi lang sya basta nakakasabay, she’s actually excellent. She never had an eposide of tantrum, ever. Mga kaklase nya, madami ng nailuha. She never pick fights. Sabi nga sa inyo diba? Sya pa ang nagpasensya kay kuya. She calls all her classmates ate and kuya. She calls all the parent aids Mama. The parents adore her. Her classmates love her. Her teacher is smitten with her. Nag-absent nga sya once nung birthday ng Wowo nya because we went to Antipolo to have our car blessed and to celebrate my Papa’s birthday, and her teacher is already looking for her. Nung pumasok kami the next day, tuwang tuwa yung mga parents and her teacher. Akala mo artista yung pumasok. They said miss na miss na nila si Skye. And Skye was all smiles. Then she went and hugged some of her classmates. Kaloka!

A month in school and she learned loads of songs already. Madalas ko na syang nakikitang kumakanta kahit mag isa. Even while inside the car, she would sing and dance. She could identify shapes. She could read letters. She could count 1-22. And she’s very adorable.

More than counting and reading and shape identification, it’s her character I am very much proud of. She never pick fights but she could defend herself (by calling teacher of course). She shares her baon to her classmates and doesn’t mind kahit ubusin nila. For her, food is for everybody. Yun nga lang, she expects her classmates to share also. Hahahaha! But she would never take anything without permission. She would always ask followed by a resounding “pleeeeasseee”. She would say “Thank you” and expects a “you’re welcome”. She would say “sorry” if she hurt you. Sana talaga hindi magbago.

Pumapalakpak ang tenga ko nung Thursday when I brought her to school (absent ako sa office kasi walang bantay ang bagets). The parents are all praises kay Kakay. Very nice daw. Very cheerful. Magalang. And hindi iyakin. I would always see teacher carrying her and hugging her. Sumbungera nga lang talaga.

I could go on and on about my daughter. Syempre. Anak ko yan eh. But really. I guess nagmana sya sa Tatay nya sa pagiging friendly kasi sure akong di nya sken nakuha yun. Buti nalang.

I am soo soo happy. Sana nga matapos namin ang buong school year ng #notears at #withflyingcolors. Aja!

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