Despicable Me 3 and The Colgate Minions

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Last Saturday, 17th of June, our friends from Nuffnang and Colgate invited us for an afternoon of fun with our favorite minions for a Despicable Me 3 movie date!!

The #FabSkye, our Ate Yssa and our little Enchang are more than excited!

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Ate Yssa, Tita Kaluret, Enchang, Mama Chubby
#FabSkye & Nanay
That's us being goofy while stuck in a heavy traffic. But we're all smiles because we know that we'll have loads of fun at Shang Cineplex!

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Tita Kaluret, Ate Yssa & Enchang
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My little Agnes
We we're a bit early so we did loads of photo shoot. The moment my daughters see that Despicable Me 3 backdrop, they all posed like there's no tomorrow!

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Mama Chubby, Enchang & #FabSkye
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We were encouraged to dress up the kids like a little minions so the #FabSkye went there with a yellow shirt and denim overall shorts ala minion and Agnes! Feel na feel nya ang pagiging Agnes cum Minion nya that day. Feel na feel ko din kasi she was given more Colgate stuff for dressing up.

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I also had loads of fun making chicka with my fellow mum bloggers, #MomsOfManila. Those girls are really something! Always fun chicka with them kahit na super saglit lang kami dahil habol dito at habol doon sa aming mga kulilits!

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The movie is a major hit for everyone! The kids are laughing non-stop. Our little Enchang na OA sa hyper eh tahimik na nanonood the entire time! It's her first time at the cinema and we thought she'd cry or something pero waley! Full attention sa minions and enjoy na enjoy talaga!

The #FabSkye, of course, is very much happy. She's been going on and on about watching her favorite minions so she was literally on cloud 9.

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On Nanay: H&M Basic Tee | Giordano Shorts | Payless White Sneakers | Fanny Pack from Landmark
On Skye: Guess Kids Yellow Tee | H&M Denim Overall Shorts | Minnie Mouse Disney White Sneakers

And when I say that the movie is a major hit for everyone, I literally mean everyone! Yes, including the Nanays. Why? Well, the villain is a guy stuck on the 80's so the movie is full of shoulder pads, Madonna music, bazooka bubble gum, etc! Nyahahah! The best ang Madonna 80's music talaga! Muntik ako mapasayaw eh. For sure, si Mila relate na relate dyan!

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Super thank you to our Nuffnang family and Colgate for this fun movie treat. And most of all, thank you for our Colgate stash! The best talaga kayo!

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