Review: Hyatt Place Minneapolis Downtown (Minnesota)

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I’m still running like a headless chicken but this blogger’s gotta write.

And because a lot of my friends are waiting for my Minnesota posts, so here it is!!

First off my list is Hyatt Place Minneapolis Downtown. This is where I stayed for 2 weeks during my stay in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the recommended hotel by our company since it’s just a couple of blocks away from our office and accessible using Skyway. Which is awesome I tell you especially if you are planning to go to Minneapolis during winter (January is extra painful because it’s usually the coldest time of the year).

My trip was company-sponsored so money is not an issue for me but I guess Hyatt Place offers one of the most reasonable prices in the area. Considering that they are right in the middle of downtown where all the offices are located. They also have a good and reasonably-priced parking space and is just a couple of blocks away from the Government Plaza Station of the METRO Blue Line (MSP’s train system) which is also connected to MSP Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). So technically, it’s just 1 train-ride away from the airport. Convenient!

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I was given a 1 bedroom suite. My room is very spacious and I love the bed!!! Later you’ll see how spacious it is on my video below. The bed is really good and firm. The pillows are perfect for a good night’s sleep.

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The bathroom is also spacious with a glass shower area. Toiletries are provided everyday and they really clean the entire place very meticulously.

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I specially love the sink area because of the lights!!! Perfect for me coz that’s where I do my face. It’s well-lit! So easy to put on make up. I want need that on my future home! And probably a bigger area for my stash!

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The hotel also provides ample cabinets. The photo on the left is the cabinet and TV on my room where I put my used clothes and other small personal things like gloves, bonnets, and under wear. I also put my shoes on the left part of the cabinet (as seen). The one on the right is the cabinet on the dining area. Inside is a small ref and some mugs and other kitchen stuff.

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This is my dining area, the desk and the TV. Told you my room is really spacious!!

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The internet is fast on the hotel so I usually catch up with my family and friends at night via video calls. I also blogged on that area (yes the 3 blogs I managed to write on my 2-week stay).

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Here’s my sitting area. Super simple and really comfy.

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But what I loved most are the huge glass windows and the beautiful view! The photo above was taken on my bedroom window. Look at the snow!!

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This is my view from the dining area. They are building more structures on downtown Minneapolis so I’m pretty sure that this view would be different next time I visit.

Buffet breakfast is included on booking so I would usually have breakfast at the hotel before work. Though their spread is not as diverse as our hotel spread here in Manila. Usually just scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, loads of cereals, coffee, tea, fruits, yogurt, bread and donuts. No sinangag! So sad. Hahaha!

The service is also good. If you don’t want them to clean up your room, just put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Else, they’d clean your room every single day, replenish all toiletries and beddings and keep everything tidy. Also, the receptionist are super friendly and accommodating.

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This is us when we celebrated Ronel’s winter wonderland birthday is MSP!! We love hanging out at my dining area coz it’s just huge!

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Me, being busy with social media! Ad the beautiful Minneapolis view on my background.

I miss MN! I really do!

And oh! I did a Vlog of my Hyatt Hotel Room and typical day at Hyatt. It’s my attempt to Vlog so please don’t laugh. I'm still learning! And please also excuse my silly voice and excessive use of "lounge". I don't know why I keep on saying that!!!! Hahaha!

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