We’re Off To Bacolod

One of the things I am looking forward to do with my child and our little family is to TRAVEL!

I’m such a travel bug. When I was single, I really make sure that I travel and go on an adventure at least twice a year. Now it’ll be more fun because I’ll have my daughter with me and the #ReigningTatay too. 

I want my child to enjoy travelling as well. You could really learn a lot when you travel. And that is very, very important for me.

For the past 2 years, our travels and vacations are consists of short land trips and staycations only. My husband and daughter joined our company summer outing the past 2 years (one in Batanggas, the other in Subic), they also joined our team outing in Tagaytay and we had a lot of staycations already.

But this year though, I think we are ready for the #FabSkye’s first airplane ride! So yes! We are off to Bacolod with the besties.


This one though is a bit challenging. Unlike our previous beach trips, which are all planned by our company (punta lang kami sa office, sakay sa bus tapos no worries na), this one we had to plan on our own. More more challenging because one of my bff has a 1 year old baby too. A toddler and a baby on a trip with your best friends are turning to be quite challenging – financially, emotionally, and physically. We have to properly strategize our game plan!

Points to Consider In Planning

  1. We have to look for a kid-friendly destination. No trekking. No mountain climbing. No white water rafting. No boat rides (my bestfriend’s husband says, no boat rides for their 1 year old). This is going to be my god daughter’s first travel too so we have to make sure that the kids’ would love it as much as the adults would enjoy. Hence the decision to go to Bacolod. We all haven’t been there. There are a lot of food trip destinations. And there are a lot of places to visit that won’t require much effort. Push!
  2. We have to stay in a kid-friendly hotel. If there’s one thing we all agreed to is the fact that we have to be really comfy on the place we’ll stay in Bacolod. Gone are my back packing days. Yung basta may murang accommodation kahit 9 kami sa room, keri lang. We have to be comfy since we have a toddler and a baby with us. They have to be safe. They have to be clean. These mothers aren’t going to compromise. Period.
  3. The trip must be relaxing but we have to maximize our stay as well. Going to the mall on weekend with my toddler is already a chore. Imagine going on a 3D2N trip on a far away land? While we really want to explore Bacolod, we also want to make sure that our itinerary is relaxing and that we won’t have to hurry things up. We don’t want to run from one spot to another with a toddler and a baby in tow. Na ah.
  4. It has to be budget-friendly. Well that’s the main issue. And that’s why it’s very challenging. The trip must be budget friendly. Of course my best friend and I have kids already and mortgages to boot. The other pair is newly wed so they just finished a bank-draining event. One of us is single but I’m pretty sure she won’t cough up a couple more moolah for the rest of us. Harhar! #asa So kelangan swak sa budget!
And while we are looking forward to the trip, we are kinda stressed out. Google is my best friend now and well, my recently discovered travel agency site – Traveloka.


Here, you could book flight tickets and hotels all in one site. So easy to use and very affordable. They don’t have hidden charges. So what you see is what you pay (???)! hahaha! But seriously, no hidden charges at all. That’s my issue with some online travel agency or booking site, they say it’s 2999php but after confirming the booking, whoah! Your due is 3999php because of tax and charges here and there. #paasa

We have already booked our flights, but we are still thinking of where to stay. We have a couple of budget-friendly hotels in Bacolod that we are eyeing, but we still can’t decide yet. We want to try them all. Hahahaha! Nag staycation sa Bacolod eh no? Hihi!

Can you guys help us? Have you been to Bacolod? Would love to get more inputs. It should be kid-friendly and budget-friendly please!

And if you are like me who’s planning for a trip with the family, go and try Traveloka too. And let me know if there’s a promo! Bwahahaha!  

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