When Your Daughter's Best Friend is Your Best Friend's Daughter

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One of the things I am really thankful for in my life are my best friends. They’re my sanity saver. My sponge. We’ve known each other since our early college days. So yes, we’ve been through puppy loves, first heartaches, first boyfriends, thesis, job hunting, career goals, wedding and now, motherhood.

Well, only two of us are mothers now but I love how our entire group are adjusting to this whole parenting thing.

Our trips are now child-friendly. Most of the time we’d prefer to just go to Jerellt’s home and eat. But what I love the most is the fact that I can see how much our daughters love each other.

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The #FabSkye just loooooooove Zayne. She would always ask if it’s time to go to Zayne’s house. She calls Zayne her best friend. And just loves playing with her. She’s the big sister and she’s really taking on that role.

She also loves her Ninangs and Ninongs. And I feel extra blessed every time I’d see my best friends’ love for my daughter. They really love her like their own.

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And I love how Zayne would play with her Ate Kakay. She’s my god daughter too and I love that she’s also very close to me.

My heart would swell with happiness every time I’d see her and Skye play and get along well. And nobody forced them.

Skye just declared them best friends during our Bacolod trip. And I could really see how they love each other.

It is a huge thing for me to see them this close. And I am praying every night for that friendship to flourish. I hope they’d grow up as real best friends.

Why? Because then I’ll know that they’ll be in good company. I see how my best friend takes care of her daughter. I know the values that she tirelessly imparts her daughter. And we share almost the same values and principles. Hindi na ko kakabahan na mabarkada ang anak ko.

I have no plans of having another child. I am done. But of course, if God would bless with another one then I’d love that child like how much I love Skye now but if I am to choose, I just want one child.

That said, it is really very important for me to make sure that my daughter would not miss the feeling of having a sister. I have a niece that I also adore and we are raising them as sisters already but I wish Skye and Zayne to grow up like sisters as well.

My best friends and I have been through a lot. And I probably won’t be able to finish college and go through my early adult life if not because of them. We are more than best friends. And I wish my daughter to have that kind of friendship.

So far, I am seeing that kind of closeness with these two.

Di ko lang sure kung medyo dapat ba akong kabahan sa mga ginagawa nila. Pero at least, alam kong kahit sa krimen, magkasangga sila!

I love motherhood. And being a mum with these girls makes it a whole lot better. And loads of fun!

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And oh! I got their twinning swimsuits in Minnesota! Super cutie. Funny thing though, I was looking for a nice swimsuit here in Manila around December and I can’t find one. And then I found these in Minnesota during winter time! hahahaha!

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The swimsuit has scale prints that only come out when it’s wet! So cute! I also love the cut and design. Perfect for kids. Me and my best friends are not really fond of sexy swimwear for our babies. Sorry na bes, masyado kaming conservative. Char!

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And here are more pics of the #FabSkye and her Baby Moana!

Don’t be fooled! She really, really, really love that doll! We bring Moana everywhere!

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