Beauty and the Beast Collection by Gelish x Morgan Taylor

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Last week, I was one of the invited bloggers for the launch of Gelish x Morgan Taylor’s Beauty and the Beast Collection at Nail-A-Holics Salon and Spa in Makati.

When I saw the words – pampered, Nail-A-Holics, treats and Beauty and the Beast; I know I had to go.

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Nail-A-Holics at Glorietta 3, Makati

Nail care is something I really value. I guess most girls do. I can’t stand unkempt nails. So I really make an effort in cleaning it up. And of course, putting on some nail polish to make it pretty.

At Nail-A-Holics, I got a pampering sesh of gel manicure and pedicure plus a foot massage while enjoying the sumptuous treats prepared for us.

Look at the lovely setup!

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That week, Disney's much anticipated film was released. And so to celebrate with the rest of the world, Gelish and their sister brand Morgan Taylor released a special collection fort their Spring 2017 offering – Beauty and the Beast Collection.

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This is perfect for Beauty and the Beast fans like me! I was soooo giddy just looking at the beautiful collection. I want them all on my nails!

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This collection is composed of 7 shades, all inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast of course.

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There are 6 regular shades named Be Our Guest (an almost fuchsia pink shade), Days in the Sun (a yellow shade with a dust of very light gold shimmers that reminds us of Belle’s gown), Gaston and On and On (a cool light blue shade), Plumette with Excitement (a light pink shade), Potts of Tea (an ivory white shade), and The Last Petal (a deep red shade with shimmer that reminds us of the iconic rose).

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But what makes this collection extra special is the 7th shade, Enchanted Patina. It’s a duo chrome shimmer that is a bit coppery gold and a bit pink. You can wear this as is or as a top coat on the other shades to give them an antique shimmery look. Which is adorbs!

I had it done on my feet. I opted for Gaston and On and On + a coat of Enchanted Patina and it’s a cutie! I don’t have a footfie so you just have to take my word for it, but it’s super pretty! I swear!

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We all know that Morgan Taylor’s a fashionista favorite and Gelish is the world’s leading gel polish used by a lot of celebrities (local and international) so the quality of the polish is definitely top-notch.

I actually love my Plumette with Excitement Gelish gel polish!

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It’s the perfect baby pink for me! Even the nail technicians at Nail-A-Holics can’t help but gush over these beauties. I love crème pink polish on my hands coz it looks clean and simple and virginal. Not too loud. Perfect for these working mum.

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These limited edition Beauty and the Beast collection will be available at all Beauty and Butter, Posh Nails, Nail Cocktales, Nail-A-Holics, Kallista in S’Maison, Conrad Hotel, and other leading salons nationwide. Just ask your favorite salon if they carry Morgan Taylor and Gelish.

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I have a couple on my stash so I’d probably bring my own bottle next time I had my nails done. I swear I wanna hoard Plumette with Excitement and Days in the Sun. They are sooo nice. Potts of Tea is not bad as well. I'd love to use it on my hands soon.

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How about you? Are you diggin' these polish shades? What's your favorite?

For more information you may follow Gelish PH on facebook and instagram or Morgan Taylor on facebook and instagram.

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