Parenting Tip: KidloLand Kiddie App

As a millennial mum, I know how to use technology to my advantage. And I love, love, LOVE technology!

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She loves her iPad too!!

My daughter has her own iPad. And that iPad saved both our sanity a lot of times. But I do curate her applications on that iPad to make sure that it is both entertaining and educational. Also, age-appropriate.

I’ve been homeschooling the #FabSkye since birth. We started with those black and white visual stimulation thingy and later on evolved to color recognition, basic speech, identification of objects, animals, and animal sounds. Now we’re on reading and writing.

But I must admit that technology has helped us achieve each milestones on her homeschooling journey. It helped make our homeschooling fun and interactive.

Don’t worry though coz I’m not rushing my daughter at all. I do follow her pace in learning. But I always make sure that I introduce new things constantly while reviewing the old things we’ve learned. So I’m always on the look out of good apps for her to help on our homeschooling.

I’m very happy that we discovered KidloLand!

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KidloLand is an application available on Google Play Store, iOS and even Amazon. It’s an app perfect for toddlers and preschoolers like the #FabSkye as they offer a lot of games, activities, songs and even stories for our little one.

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When I first installed it, even I was awed by their collection of activities. All of my daughter’s favorite nursery rhymes are there. They have games for letter recognition, for counting and basic math. They have a coloring app. They have stories. Everything you can think of and a lot more.

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It’s like an app with a wide selection of sub-apps, each are downloadable according to your preference. You can even make your own playlist of games and songs for your little one to enjoy. There are hundreds of songs and games to choose from and we’re still checking it out (we’re not yet done!). The #FabSkye already have some favorites but she’s still game to try out the others.

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And I’m very sure your kids won’t get bored because they update their list regularly. A lot of new games and songs are in store for you and your little one.

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This app also doesn’t have any ads within the app so you don’t have to worry about your kid accidentally clicking on those ads. Don’t you hate it? When your daughter would show you that they are already on the browser of their iPad after accidentally clicking ads. It’s both annoying and it kinda freaks me out a little bit. Coz I’m not sure what type of ads those are.

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Another thing I love about KidloLand is it's downloadable. You can download your child’s favorite game and nursery rhymes and songs and stories. All of those would be stored on her iPad and is accessible even without the internet. Perfect for those road trips so your kids won’t get bored.

My husband loves KidloLand because it keeps my daughter entertained in the car. Usually, she’d stand up on the back seat or bother her Tatay while driving. But now, we’d just play out her favorite songs on KidloLand and we’d belt out together. She loves that!

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Busy playing her egg-letter game! Time to learn how to read!

Keeping our toddler entertained while still making sure that she learns is really hard. While I let her use her iPad, I don’t want her to spend all her time watching toy unboxing videos on YouTube. Plus teaching her the letters is kinda challenging for me coz she really doesn’t like letters. Numbers, she’s fine. She mastered all the colors as early as 11 months. She’s very good with language in general but she really doesn’t like letters.

So when I saw that KidloLand offers a lot of games what involves letter recognition and reading, I made sure to download them all. So far it is effective because she loves identifying the letters after cracking them up from an egg. I’d give an update soon on how well that goes for us.

For now, enjoy this short vlog of the #FabSkye enjoying her KidloLand!

See? I told you, Moana is having so much fun with KidloLand!!! Hahahaha!

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