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As a blogger, curating my social media posts is a crucial part of “selling” myself. Since most of the time, my engagements would come from my social media sites, especially Instagram.

I guess that’s part of being human. Most of us are visuals. Seeing nice photos and watching cutie videos are much more engaging than say, reading a book (to most, but for me, I’d rather read a book of course!). So I really try to up my game.

I know most of you have heard of the term #FeedGoals. Yep, yep! Heller, millennials! We all want our Instagram feed to be as pretty as our favorite celebs’.

But how do we really achieve that #FeedGoals?


Honestly, as a mum and lifestyle blogger, I want my social media accounts to show my life. The real me. But of course, I have to curate my posts coz while I want to be honest with my readers and followers, I wanna spread positivity as well.

You’ve probably read a hundred posts about achieving that coveted #FeedGoals but what you’d get from me are the real stuff. Probably, more achievable!


That’s my feed. I know! I know! It’s not as pretty as the others but I’m very proud of my feed now. Please do not scroll down to years ago coz you’d probably cringe! Kadiri the old posts! Hahaha! And those would only get, 1-2 likes. Tops! Hahaha! And I can’t blame my followers! Coz my old photos are not pretty. They are not visually appealing.

So how was I able to transform my kadiri feed into this highly engaging feed that I have now?

Here’s my very simple #FeedGoals tips…


Yes! As easy as 1-2-3. I know that other bloggers/influencers would tell you to have a theme – pastels, black and white, frames, etc. But I believe that Instagram is supposed to showcase your life through photos. And for someone like me who doesn’t have the talent in photography, that’s really too much. But I have nothing against themed IG feeds, okay? They are great! Heck! They are pretty. But that’s not me.

So I guess that’s the first tip. Before you shoot, ask yourself first what do you want to share?

My IG feed now is full random stuff. My daughter, our travels, some pretty flowers, food, my selfies (to showcase my favorite make ups or the skin care products), and a whole lot more. But because I’m showing bits and pieces of my life to my followers, they are much more engaged now.


I attended a photography 101 class years ago and read some books about mobile photography so I could take better pictures. I studied everything I need to know about lighting, framing etc. I also make sure to use a good mobile camera.

Most of my photos on my IG feed are taken using my Oppo R7lite. My Oppo phone takes great pictures. And to think that it’s actually a cheap phone.

I’m very sure that I’d get better results with Oppo F1s because it’s equipped with a 16MP front cam and 13MP rear cam while beautify 4.0 feature would be helpful on my selfies.


One major thing that helped prettify my IG feed is editing! Oppo phones have a built in editing app but of course you could always download other photo editing apps. My favorites are VSCO, Snapseed, and the IG filters and editor. But I’m having a hard time now coz my Oppo R7lite doesn’t have a fast processor and enough RAM to actually accommodate all my photo editing needs.

Oppo F1s meanwhile is packed with 3GB RAM and an octa-core 64-bit processor that could definitely handle all those photo editing apps that I use.

I also exerted effort in learning the apps I mentioned. I spent lots of sleepless nights trying to edit my pictures and see how it’ll look on my feed.


I also make sure that my posts have appropriate and engaging captions. It’s not enough to have beautiful pictures. Your followers should be able to connect with you and the photo thru your caption. I also consider the timing of my posts. We don’t want to get bashed because of bad timing or inappropriate captions. I am very particular with that. The social media is a crazy world. We must always think before we click.


So I guess that’s it! Goodluck with your #FeedGoals. And I hope these tips was able to help you connect with your followers! Ciao!

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