The #FabSkye Turns 3!


Today, my daughter turns three. I can't believe how fast time flies. I know it's a cliché, and I honestly want to stop using it but I don't know what else to say because everyday, every single day, I feel like time has been playing tricks on me. It just zooms into my face and before I know it, I have a three year old who won't stop talking.

My baby girl is now three. My little peanut who used to look like a tiny little bleep on the sonogram screen is now a little girl who talks non-stop, sings on the top of her lungs, looooooves the feel of the sand on her feet and has christened herself, Moana. Just because.

She is the most low maintenance child I have ever met (and probably her bff Zayne). When she's a baby, she's exclusively breastfed and exclusively wearing cloth diapers. Our grocery carts don't have a hint of a baby in the house because we don't buy formula or diapers for her. She's not a cry baby. It's easy to make her laugh, and it's easy to entertain her. I would bring her to blog events and she would simply smile to the people and use her charm.

She stopped using feeding bottles at 1 year old. She would drink expressed breast milk or fresh milk or almond milk directly from the glass. I stopped expressing milk a couple of moths after her first birthday and from then on she would just directly feed on me at night. In the morning, she'll eat like an adult.

She's potty trained at 2. No more cloth diapers. She also made it easy for me. One day, she just asked me to remove her diapers, went to the mall with us and told us that she will wiwi. After that, she would constantly tell us that she will wiwi or poops. She's potty trained just like that.

She just recently stopped breastfeeding. Well, I told her that she's big already and should stop dede and she just stopped. There are times when she would ask for dede but she's fine with just holding it or smelling it. No tears. No drama.

She has always been like that. I am still awed by the fact that my baby is very easy to talk to and understand us really well. She never made it hard for us.

She makes me so proud as well. Every time we'd go out, I would always hear praises for her. "Ang talino nya!", "Ang cute nya!", "Ang bibo naman nya!", "Ay ang galing nya marunong mag thank you/sorry/excuse me!". The praises are endless. And every time, I would swell with pride. Minsan iniisip ko na nga baka liparin nalang ako dahil sa laki ng ulo ko.

She is everything I ever prayed and more. She is my constant reminder of God's great love for me. I must have done something good because I was gifted with this wonderful child.

The house is messier, our lives crazier and definitely noisier but I won't have it any other way.

Thank you my darling for bringing so much joy to my life. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you because you always remind me that life is simple and happiness can be found on simple things. Thank you for making me realize that the other stuff I used to waste my time on are just simply not worth it. Thank you because you brought me closer to my real friends. Thank you because you made me love my real friends more. Every time I would see them love you like their own, I would love them a hundred times more. And I would realize that I indeed made a great choice of sticking to this bunch because they are worth the friendship and the love. Because they love you.

Motherhood changed me. Motherhood defines me. The happiness I felt when I saw those 2 pink lines just multiplied a million times more. I never thought this heart could love that much but I do. I love you my baby with all my heart and soul. And Tatay too.

Enjoy this day my darling. I hope you had fun at the beach with your ninang and your bff and Enchang. We'll spend the day playing today because it's your day. And we'll find that pretty Poppy Cake you so want.

May the Lord bless your heart even more. Always have courage and be kind. I love you!

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