Mic test 1 2 3

Hey, people!

Test mic.

Mic test 1 2 3.

Is this thing on?

Okay. Hello!

You miss me? I sure do miss y’all.

2017 has been crazy, crazy busy.

Late last year, I was transferred to a totally new project. Far from my comfort zone. Way, way, waaaaaay far from my comfort zone. I am expected to learn a new tool while I learn a whole new project and define a process for that new software development methodology we’re trying to adopt.

I’m an I.T. girl and I understand a thing or two about coding and software development but there’s a reason why I’m in QA. I don’t like to code. I just don’t. I am good at checking if developers did a great job with their codes but I can’t do it myself. I am also not a fan of automation. The perfectionist in me won’t accept the fact that a bunch of codes could test a software. I don’t trust them.

But here I am. In the middle of everything I am not familiar with and is used to be totally against with. I am in an unknown territory. Same feels I had when I finally boarded that plane that’ll take me to Minnesota. Unknown territory. And I had to pass by several unknown lands before reaching my destination who gave me the coldest greeting I had ever experienced. –26C worth of coldness. It creeps in my bones.

Same thing. I am scared terrified. I’ve been doing that last project I was with for more than 6 years. I am good with that an expert with that functionality. I know that previous project by heart. I always say you could ask me about that project while sleeping and I swear I could answer whatever questions you have. Learning this new project terrifies me. What if I’m not good enough. How will I do it?

But at the same time, learning all of this. Studying. Reading. Testing my ropes over and over again gave me this overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I love this! I love learning new things. It excites me.

So yeah. On Monday, all my preparations would be put into test. It’s game time!

I’m scared. I’m crazy scared. But I’m sooo excited.

So why am I telling you all of this? Coz it’s me saying… I’d probably have less and less time for this blog. But I swear I’d try to drop by once in a while. Coz this is my life. But I’ll be extremely busy. Until I get the hang of this new project. And I know you’ll still be there with me right? I promise to write important milestones so don’t worry. I also promise to post chismis once in a while. But I guess you gotta follow me on Twitter or IG if you wanna get updated with my crazy. Expect lotsa cryptic tweets. I’m good with that.

For now, let me get another cup of coffee. It’ll be a loooooong day… week… month for me.


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