Review: Don Quixote (Ballet Manila)

Last Saturday, I got to watch Ballet Manila’s first offering for 2017 and their last show for their 21st season, Revenge of the ClassicsDon Quixote!

I watched the show with my friends who are theater lovers as well and I had a blast. It’s great to watch a show as spectacular as this with people who truly appreciate it.

I’ve watched several ballet shows already. I thought by this time, I’d be immune to the beauty that is ballet. But Ballet Manila sure know how to excite their viewers. Their performances are always exciting. Making sure that they offer different flavors. It always feels like the first time. Every show, there’s something better, something new, something wonderful to see.

I now understand why Don Quixote is one of the most popular ballet show ever. And why it is every ballerina’s dream to play Kitri. My gosh! Those back-breaking, heart-stopping dance routines are beyond awesome. You have to be an excellent dancer to pull it off. And I am sure they have to work extra, extra hard just for this show.

It is also very fun to watch my favorite ballerina Abigail Oliveiro give life to the sultry Mercedes. And of course, her favorite partner Mark Sumaylo as the dashing Espada is just sooo much fun.

Super funny because my friends who were able to watch the the Swan, The Princess and The Fairy are talking about this ballerina that they so love because of her gracefulness on the stage. And I’m talking about Abigail who captured my heart when she played Cinderella last year. Only to find out that we are talking about the same girl!

All this time, I thought that after watching Lisa Macuja dance, I’d be okay already. Parang nothing could wow me anymore. But Abigail is just soooo good that I know I’d pay as much just to watch her shows. It’ll be a major plus if she’s dancing with her boyfriend, the ultra-sexy Mark. Yeps, he’s the one who played Prince Charming on Cinderella last year. The same prince who broke my daughter’s heart. Hahaha!

Here’s a video of Abigail’s performance as Mercedes. And find out why I love her so much!

Diba? She’s sooooo magaling! Here are some more pics of my favorite ballet dancer pair.

Haaaaayyy! They are soooo cute and soooo romantic and soooo bagay! By the way, they are real-life sweethearts. Oh diba?! #RelationshipGoals

Anyway, Kitri did a womderful job as well as Basilio pero talagang mahal ko na sina Abigail at Mark eh.

So their 21st season ended with Don Quixote. I’m so excited for their 22nd season and the offerings of Ballet Manila. I am thinking of enrolling the #FabSkye this summer. She loves ballet so sana ma-enjoy nya. If she turns out like Abigail, hay naku! I’d be sooo happy!

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