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Last February 21 (the #FabSkye’s birthday no less), I got invited to The Third Eye Wellness Center in BGC. The invite says “Create the life that you want!” and “enjoy a revitalizing massage”. That alone got me really intrigued so I know I had to say yes even if the event falls on my daughter’s birthday.

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The Third Eye Wellness Center is a mind-body-energy wellbeing center founded by Sanaiyah Gurnamal. they provide health and wellness services through self-development, health and nutrition, alternative healing and holistic beauty that focuses on journey “going inward to reflect outward”.

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They have the Chakra Café that offers healthy food choices. They believe that “you are what you eat” so it is very important to make sure that you nourish your body properly. They also make sure that they educate their customers about their chakras and energy system. Our state of mind is a reflection of our body.

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What I liked about their café is that the food, while being healthy, are actually really yummy. The #FabSkye loved everything they offered us. Probably because our happiness was taken into consideration by the owners, they made sure they offer yummy dishes.


At Transcend Spa and Nails, they offer holistic treatments and beauty therapies that nourishes the mind, body and soul. This is not just your typical relaxing spa. They offer more. I was able to try their massage and it was heaven! I totally understand what Sanaiyah meant when she said they take into account every aspect of our wellbeing.

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They also offer Healing Sessions and Tarot Card readings. I’ll take about the Healing Sessions in a while coz it’s all about ThetaHealing that truly got me intrigued.

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There’s also a store on one corner of the center that offers a lot of self-help books and musics and other stuff.

Plus they also have a Training Center that offers trainings on meditation and the different healing modalities.

Theta Healing

So, what is ThetaHealing? At first when I heard Sanaiyah talk about it, I was honestly skeptical. ThetaHealing is a healing modality and is known to be the quickest and most effective way to relief and resolution from illness and other issues we have.


I know some would raise their eye brows at these claims but I was really interested.


Because I know that the mind is powerful. They say that people were healed by faith healers simply because they “believe” they could be healed. Funny thing was the way Sanaiyah talk about ThetaHealing and what it does, the more I believe. ThetaHealing was started by these lady who was cured from cancer right away. As in *snap*. She was cured. Simply because she did ThetaHealing.

Sanaiyah was introduced to this type of healing while she was in Dubai. She said that her lactose intolerance was cured right away after just one session.

To show us how ThetaHealing was done, she invited someone from the group to try it out.

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Our brave girl who tried ThetaHealing with an audience. I said brave because ThetaHealing would dig deep into your wellbeing. Sanaiyah asked some personal questions to find out the root cause of the illness.

For Sanaiyah’s case, her lactose intolerance manifested because she has this hidden insecurities caused by her siblings being better compared to her, some childhood issues that was buried in her past and memories but actually affects her current life.

I believe on what Sanaiyah was saying. Coz it’s true. If you achieve that state of wellbeing where you are happy, where your thoughts are full of positivity, you attract positivity.

I always tell people that I believe God loves me so much coz I never had issues I can’t solve. If I have financial issues, I really don’t worry coz I know it’ll be okay and then money would arrive just when I need it. The power of the mind and faith. That's the focus of Theta. And we need healers like Sanaiyah who could help us tap on that power.

Go ahead and try it yourself. I know I could rave in here all day but you just have to try it out yourself.

The Third Eye Wellness
6F 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive,
McKinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
+632 8082984 | +63917 6362800

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