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I already have a little girl. A little girl who wants to be called “Princess” all the time. Harhar!

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Pero seryoso, I can’t help but feel scared and sad and happy and excited all at the same time because my baby is growing up so fast. Kaya nga I really make sure I spend as much time with her as possible because ganito nga, natulog lang ako, paggising ko malaki na sya. Parang, anyareh?!

She now goes to school, she’s potty trained (yeps no more diapers at all!), she talks non stop, she does role playing and her vocabulary is ever expanding. Sometimes nagkakatinginan nalang kami ng asawa ko kasi ang laki laki na nya talaga.

Pag alam nyang galit ako, she’ll immediately say sorry. May drama pang kasama. If I did something that hurts her or anybody else (her Tatay, Enchang, Mila), she’ll tell me to say sorry and won’t budge until I did. She says thank you when you give her anything or if you did something for her. She prays every night and tell us that she loves us. She’s growing up kind, grateful and sincere. She’s everything I ever hoped for and more.

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Pero syempre kasabay ng paglaki nya are the changes that happens to her body. Her pawis is extra asim, and her body extra lagkit. And please don’t let me get started on her hair. No more baby scent. *sad*

Just last month, we went to my Tita’s parlor and had her hair cut. It’s thinning and dry. And her head’s super smelly.

When she was a baby, we used cetaphyl and then eventually, Human Nature’s Baby Wash. We’ve been using that for almost 2 years pero di na talaga kaya ang hair nya. As I’ve said, it’s dry and limp and thinning on the ends. We tried another baby shampoo but it only makes her hair fall easily and maganit sa ulo. My ever crazy mother made her use an adult shampoo (without telling me!!) and it only makes her hair fall worst. And she had dandruff!!! I was so mad at Mila! And I don’t know what to do anymore.

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The heavens probably heard my plea because they made Johnson’s Active Kids send me a pack of their latest offering – Shiny Drops Shampoo infused with argan oil and silk proteins.

We’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and so far, so good. No more limp, dry hair. No  more hair fall! No more dandruff! And no more Mila issues. Hahaha! Thank you Johnson’s for saving my relationship with my mother. Harhar! Nakalimutan ko yung kasalanan nya because my baby’s hair now is so much better.

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Johnson’s even sent my daughter her very own castle, crown and hairbrush. When she saw it, she was more than excited. Pinalabas agad ang kanyang “Frozen Gown” and asked me to take her pictures.

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My princess. My darling little princess is growing up so fast but she’s #StillMyBaby and she will always be my baby. Kahit 30 na sya, 40 or kahit 70!!! She will always be my one and only baby. And I will do everything for her.

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