Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday.

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As a working mum, I always have this constant, nagging feeling of not giving enough time and service to my child because I work. Hindi na ata yun mawawala. Especially since we all know that every child spells love as T-I-M-E.

Everyday, I always wish that I am a SAHM. Lagi ko sinasabi na sana I don’t have to work anymore for my child. But I know that I can’t stop working. We need the money. And I love my job.

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That’s why I really spend as much time as possible with my child. And I make sure that when we are together, we are really together. Nasa kanya talaga lahat ng atensyon ko. Ayoko nung nasa isang room nga kami pero kanya kanya naman kami.

We play, we talk. We sing. We dance. We watch movies and shows together. We study. We do crazy things. We tickle. We sleep together. We go shopping and roam around the mall. Naghahabulan din kami. Naliligo sa ulan. Kumakain ng sabay-sabay.

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Kahit mukha akong tanga, sige lang! Dance lang. Sing lang. Pretend play all the way. No limitations. And even my husband is like that. We really try to be involved on our child’s life. And we allow her to enjoy. Kahit makalat, o madumi. Push lang!

Kasi grabe. They grow up so fast. In just a snap, you could miss a major milestone. Kaya bawal talaga pumikit.

It might be tiring, yes. But I do all of it out of love.

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I also make sure that I serve my child everyday. My service and my love goes hand in hand.

I remember the #TeamKramer kids, when asked what they loved most about their Mama Cheska, both girls said they love it when their mama give them a bath. Yes. Not those times that their mama give them toys, it’s that time their mama serve them.

And I would always see the happiness on my child’s eyes every time I serve her. Every time I would make a bento snack or lunch. Every time I would clean her up.

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I am not the type of mum who wants her child to be squeaky clean all the time. I let her eat alone. Be messy. I let her play outside and be even more messy. I let her join her Tatay in the kitchen and be extra more messy. Hahaha!

That’s something her Tatay and I agreed to. We don’t want to shelter our child too much. That’s why we let her play in the rain. We let her run outside. We let her eat alone.

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I am not afraid of the kalat. Hayaan silang maging bata. I say, as long as we have the right tools in cleaning them up, it’s all okay. That’s why we always have a stash of Cheers kitchen napkins, table tissues and trash bags at home.

We love Cheers table napkins and tissues because they are thick enough for wiping my daughter’s grimy hands. Perfect for wiping the tables and floors too. We also use the napkin in wraping her utensils that we baon everytime we go out. And well, we also use cocktail napkins pag may sipon. They are extra thick, but still soft enough for my daughter’s delicate nose. Promise! It will change your lives. Use kitchen towels for your sipon from now on. Bwahaha!


Cleaning up my child is always easy with Cheers. And because of them, we could spend more time together. And hindi ako KJ na Nanay because I would let her play and be messy.

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Serving my child everyday is something I won’t ever get tired of. Hindi talaga. I would do it whole-heartedly until my last breath.

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Ang hirap maging working mum. Especially for someone like me who does loads of other things too. Kaya I welcome every little help. I always tell my single friends that I have never been this tired ever. I’ve been tired for more than 3years now. But I’ve never been so happy too.

My heart is full of joy and bliss. Kaya kahit anong sakit ng ulo at pagod ang araw araw ko nararamdaman, walang wala sya sa saya na nasa puso ko araw araw. Happiness that I feel by simply looking at my child.

I am not saying that being a SAHM is a lot easier. Because I know how tiring it is to take take of your child 24/7. Believe me, para sa akin, me going to work is actually my only “rest time”. Totoo. Sabi ko nga, buti pa sa office, I have 1 hour of lunch break. Then if I am a bit tired, I could do a 15min break. Keri lang. But at home, no break at all. Probably the only time was when my child was sleeping. But then, if she’s sleeping I need to blog too or do my other rakets. Sabagay, even at work, I had to do working lunch too.

Ermergerd. Hahahaha!

Pero keri lang, meron naman ako neto…

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And so this me saying Cheers to every day spent with the family. Cheers to life and happiness. Cheers to serving my family - my husband and my child. And Cheers to Cheers! Thank you for helping me mother my child!

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