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It's the rainy season once again. And mums like me are going gaga already.

Flu, colds and viruses are all over. Just a couple of weeks ago, the #FabSkye had a sight fever. Takbo kami agad sa ER because my niece was diagnosed with pnuemonia. Mabuti ng sure. Buti nalang OA lang kami and it was just a simple viral thingy. The cough and fever went away the next day and so everything is well.

Now that my daughter is no longer breastfeeding round-the-clock, actually sobrang dalang na nya mag breastfeed now, we need to find ways to boost her energy and make sure that she stays aktibo at malakas.

Hence the decision to make her try Nutri10Plus.

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We first heard of it last year when Wert Philippines sent us a stash. We shared some to my nephew (Skye's bestfriend and playmate) and he has been religiously using it eversince. So now, both of them are aktibo at malakas. Less worry for us mums too.

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