My Sky Cable Broadband (SkyBroadband) Internet Nightmare

For the past month, I have been trying my very best to be patient with Sky Cable. But enough is enough.

If you follow me on twitter, then you'd have read my seemingly endless raves about our lack of internet connection at home. Yes. Every day from 12NN - 6AM (the next day) for one whole month now. We don't have an internet connection. Or kung meron man, mahihiya ang dial up connection sa bagal.

During the first week of the issue (around 1st week of February), I thought may "issues" lang with their system. I am understanding, you know. The 2nd week, I already called. They sent people to go check on us. They went in the morning. Okay pa ang internet namin. So to cut the long story short, they just "checked" my router. Stand on our room. Drank the refreshments I prepared and then advised us to just "monitor" our issue. Nothing happened. So again I called. I tweeted.

Fast forward to today, we still don't have internet connection at around 5PM until 6AM the following day. Kagagaling lang ng 5th batch ng "tech people" sa bahay. They simply hard reset my router. Which the 2nd batch did already and asked us to "monitor" the issue once again.

Thing is wala pa kaming 1 year sa Sky Cable. I paid for my connection fee. I paid more than 3K for our cable and internet connection. And now I have no choice but wait until they fix my issue.

Internet nowadays is a neccessity. Obviously, I am a blogger so my life is in the web. My husband is a college graduating student and thus need our internet connection for projects and research. I also have a high school brother who needs our internet connection. I have already maxed out my mobile data and is already paying extra. I also need to connect to our office network from home which I can't do.

I also wasn't able to properly plan my daughter's 2nd birthday. Kasi from work, sa gabi lang sana ako makakapag email/message ng mga suppliers pero hindi ko magawa dahil wala nga kaming internet sa bahay.

I have a lot of pending posts (sponsored) that I still need to post. Nakakapag post lang ako sa office pag break or pag sa umaga before I go to work which is super hirap.

I don't want to rant on my blog anymore. But I just can't take this sitting down. I wish future subscribers will read this and hopefully, learn from my mistake. I have been with PLDT for 3yrs. Still with them actually, but I transfered our internet connection to my cousin's house. Ngayon ako ang walang internet. PLDT just had an issue last night, today it was already resolved. Yes, nakakabwiset din ang customer service nila pero atleast hindi mo sila kailangan laging kausapin coz generally okay ang service. So if you are planning to subscribe, go with PLDT.

I should have taken Chuckie Dreyfus's blogs about Sky Cable Internet as an omen. Kaso naisip ko kasi na mas makakatipid sana ako. And I was thinking baka isolated case ang ilang buwan nyang issue. But obviously, hindi ganun ang nangyari.

Even if they offered rebate, it won't compensate the lost time and opportunity. It won't compensate the stress I had.

Just last night, I tried calling their customer service and the agents hung up on me twice. Their twitter people are not responding to me anymore. The tech people says baka daw router issue but they still didn't replace my router right away. I-request ko nalang daw. At i-monitor padin ang issue ko. One month na kong nagmomonitor. Diosmio naman!

One month na ang issue ko. One month na kong stress na stress dahil sa internet connection namin. One month na din akong walang magawa.

Sa bansang to kasi, lugi ang consumers. Wala tayong power. Pag nagpakabit ka, you have to pay for the connection fee tapos itatali ka sa contract. Pag ganito na hindi sila naka deliver, sorry nalang. Dapat may fine sila. If you can't deliver, your consumers will fine you for the perwisyo. Kasi hindi madaling ibalik ang oras na nasayang. Pero wala. Dito, wala kang magawa. If you didn't pay them, ikaw pa ang maba-black list. As if it's your fault.

Di ko na alam anong gagawin ko honestly. A twitter follower sent me the contact of NTC pero ano naman magagawa nun? Nakakalungkot na ganito sa bansang to. If one senator would promise me that he would do everything para makapagpasa ng batas na magpoprotekta sa consumers, I swear ikakampanya ko sya ng walang humpay.

To Sky Cable, I hope mabasa nyo to. I hope marealize nyo ang perwisyo na nadulot nyo sa buhay ko. Nung 2 weeks palang sya, kinakaya ko pa. Pero one month?!! One month tol. Just in case you still live in 1989, I would like to remind you that internet connection is a necessity now. Ilalagay na nga sya sa listahan ng mga karapatan natin bilang tao eh. Ganun sya ka importante. Kaya dapat, you prioritize this.

To my fellow consumers, wala. Wala akong masabi kundi kawawa tayo talaga. Nakakalungkot kasi nagbabayad ka para sa wala. Crappy service. Crappy customer assistance. Hay nalang.

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