Ultimate Kuripot Foodie’s Guide

I’m a certified foodie. I love, love, LOVE food. And I love trying out different restaurants. But sometimes, you have to admit that being a foodie is kinda not practical. Them restos are not cheap at all. Especially if you want to try the good ones.

And as a mum, I’m always on the lookout for great food places but still affordable. I want my little family to enjoy food but I don’t want to shell out so much.

So for today, I’ll share with you some five-star food spots that won’t break the bank and some more tipid tips from your wais Nanay.

Food Halls/Courts

Our mall food courts now are upping up their game. Have you visited Century City Mall’s Hole in the Wall or SM Aura’s Food Hall? They offer a great variety of food choices that’s also not too pricey. Good thing is, you don’t have to limit yourself. I love food halls because usually, me and the Reigning Tatay would argue on where to eat. He wants burger, I want rice meals. He wants Filipino dishes, while I want pasta. So our solution is dining at food halls. Buti nalang din talaga that malls nowadays are really improving their food hall choices and selections. I highly recommend, Hole in the Wall. Superb food choices and nice ambiance.

Food Bazaar

Another foodie favorite. Grabe! With all the food bazaars that have been popping all over the metro, foodies like me would go crazy. We have food bazaars in Maginhawa Street, Banchetto, in Makati, Ortigas, BGC. Dismio! Ang dami talaga. Again, I love the fact that we have a wide array of choices. And most of the time, the food are home-made. You’ll really find a gem on a stall or two!

Go for Specialty Restaurants

I used to think that a restaurant should have a wide array of choices. And that they should be good at them all. But then I realized (or well, based on what I heard about Japanese restaurants), a restaurant that specializes on one kind of food must be so damn good. Take Yabu or Ippudo or Morganfield’s. They may be pricey, yes. But they really serve the best of their specialty – katsu, ramen and ribs. Worth it. Plus you don’t have to shell out much money by ordering too much, coz you really don’t have much choices. Teehee! Sometimes, variety is bad too, you know! But the main thing here is that you’ll really get great value for money.

Read Up or Ask Up

Read up blog reviews, visit Zomato and read the foodies’ reviews. Check which dishes are the best. Do your assignment, foodies! Just don’t go there and blindly order a dish. It also won’t hurt to ask the waiters. Ask about their best-sellers. Who are their common customers. What can be found on a specific dish. That way, you won’t end up ordering something you won’t eat. Ayaw natin ng sayang, diba mums? Magagalit si Pope Francis.

Do Not Order Drinks

This is my ultimate rule every time we eat out. Do not order drinks. Unless they have specialty drinks that we really want to try. Usually, drinks on restaurants are pricey. As in super pricey. What I usually do is I ask house water for us (if it’s a nice restaurant) and bring a water bottle for the #FabSkye. I use Lock & Lock’s Horoscope Tumbler. It was just newly launched last November and I was gifted with one and I’m so #LockedInLove with it.

Sometimes, the ReigningTatay would put his favorite fruit juice on it and we’ll bring it to the restaurant. That way, they won’t know that we brought our own drinks. Harhar! Anyway, it’s insulated so we were able to keep the juice cold. I honestly think I should get one for each of us.

Lock & Lock Horoscope tumbler is available on Shangri-La, Eastwood Mall, Glorietta 4, BF Homes, Alabang, Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave, Fairview Terraces and your leading department stores nationwide. I’m very sure you could find one. Better yet, go and check out their FB page (fb.com/LocknLockPhilippines).

Always Try Something New

Be bold. Be brave. Try something new. Sometimes, I would try out a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant and would find a gem. Sometimes, I would be willing to try a dish I never thought I’d like but would end up raving about it. Life is short, enjoy.

Schedule Your Food Trips

I started doing it this year and it works. In my attempt to save up, I started scheduling our food trip. We do it twice a month. Sometimes once a month if we want to try those really pricey restaurants. That way we could do our research and we have something to look forward to. In between, we would prepare food at home. Anyway, the ReigningTatay is a great cook.

There you go! My ultimate kuripot foodie’s guide. See? You don’t have to be filthy rich, to call yourself a foodie!! Happy eating.

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