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Hello, guys!! Yep, I'm still alive. Took a long hiatus on the blogosphere because of my crazy schedule. As usual, I have A LOT on my plate and I still haven't posted loads of the events I attended the past month. But I'm getting there. Pinky swear.

Anyway, how's your Christmas shopping? Are you guys ready for Christmas? Me? Almost. Almost ready. I don't think I'll ever be ready for Christmas. Cramming much!!!

Work has been hectic. I moved up the corporate ladder recently so that means extra work for me. Higher expectations. More challenging roles. But I love it. I love the challenge. Honestly, I love my job. It's not the easiest in the world but it's fulfilling. And I'm really good at it (buhatan ng sariling bangko).

I know I've been making reklamo for the longest time pero diosmio!!! Nobody, as in nobody told me that it's soooooo difficult to raise a toddler. And she's not even two!!! Akala ko ba terrible twos? Pero the moment Skye turned one, parang nagsimula na ang pandemonium ng buhay ko.

She's a snitch. A huge ball of energy. She copies EVERYTHING. So stress na nga ako kakahabol sa kanya, stress pa ko kasi hindi naman ako pwedeng magwala o magmura coz she'll imitate me. Nakakalokang tunay!

Alam nyo yung hindi ko alam san ako lulugar? I wanna be patient and be a rockstar mum and be cool with everything pero diosmio!!! Tao ako!!! Tao!!! Hahahaha!! Dama nyo ba?

At night, I can't even blog. She'll watch videos on her iPad pero kelangan kasama kaming lahat. Anyway, we trained her that way. Wala na kasi akong magawa sa iPad usage (we use our phone and our ipad at home so hindi na namin sya ma-unlearn), so we just make sure that her iPad time are still interactive. Buti nalang she watches videos where they'll shout the colors and the letters and they'd dance and sing. Actually, she learned and mastered the colors thru her iPad lang.

So ayun nga, everytime she watches something on youtube like that effin' finger family song, we should all sing with her and do the finger family hand moves. Hahahaha! Teh! Utang uta ako sa mommy finger, daddy finger achuchu..

Then now her addiction is the "Let It Go" song. Grabe! She watches this video of Elsa singing Let It Go ng paulit ulit. But I'm so amazed by her capability to copy the moves on the video. Ang galing nya. We noticed that on the dance videos that we make her watch like Nae Nae, she really copies it. Memorize nya the moves according to the song lyrics. Here in Let It Go, she'll imitate the moves of Elsa. Yung pag tanggal ng cape. The way she moves her hand, her walk, the way stomped her feet. Lahat. Wow! And she could memorize really fast talaga.

We also welcomed her cousin Enchang last November 30. I'm so happy to report that she's not jealous of the new baby at all. She's confident of the love we give/show her. And she loves her cousin very much.

Hmmmm.. What else? Yun lang muna for now. More kwentos on my next posts. Back to the real world na muna ang lola nyo.

Btw, ang cute ng picture namin ni Skye dyan no? I love having a daughter who is equally arte!!!

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